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•Fluid Compartments: oPotassium (K) and Phosphate (P) = intracellular (majority inside the cell) oSodium (Na) and Chloride (Cl) = extracellular (majority outside the cell) oIntravascular (plasma)... fluid inside the blood. oIntracellular = fluid inside the cell. 70% oExtracellular = outside the cell, which leads to fluid shifting to the tissues, (can be normal) unless there is excess fluid in the tissue (edema). 30% ➢Two compartments of ECF: Interstitial fluid – fluid outside and surrounding the cells, and plasma – intravascular fluid, which is the liquid part of blood. •Fluid Spacing: o1st Spacing – (Normal) Fluid in a compartment/space where it should be. o2nd Spacing – Fluid where it should not be and requires an intervention. (Interventions could be a diuretic (fluid in tissues) or changes in diet.) Usually in the tissue, so you can see it. o3rd Spacing – Fluid trapped where it should not be. oEx: Fluid trapped (3rd Spacing) in pleural space of the lungs, what should the nurse do? – Thoracentesis – A needle that is used to draw fluid from space. [Show More]

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