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NCLEX questions Cardiac/GI (good portion) Right and Left heart failure •Digoxin therapeutic level •Heparin monitoring– aPTT •B-blocker can induce wheezing •Medications  H/A take wit... h food •Clot buster monitor for signs of bleeding •Medications  no health food store herbal medications •Surgery (Cardiac) ambulation  pre-medicate w/ analgesic •Rapid rate a-fib HCP to preform carotid massage nurse responds to patient  Vagas nerve to slow HR •V-fib call for help begin CPR •Cough with sputum crackles (extreme breathlessness, dyspnea, frothy sputum) •Cardiac Temponade- ususally cardiac injury  JVD •Endocarditis  pre-medicate for dental appointments •Angiography (graphy- test) iodine-> allergy to shellfish •Cardiac cath (bed rest—limit movement) may cause major bleeding (artery) •MI beta blocker slows hart rate, reduces cardiac workload and decreases the contractility •Pacemaker  heart block •Know cholesterol levels •Tension Pneumothorax -> tracial deviation •TB bump only indicates possible exposure •Right lung pneumonia  good lung down (left side dependent … lateral sides down) •Emphysema assessment finding most serious  bilateral crackles in lung fields •Bacterial pneumonia – which nurse assessment  productive cough •Emphysema  loss of surface area for gas exchange [Show More]

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