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Chamberlain College of Nursing - NR 509 Shadow Health Mental Health Education Empathy. COMPLTE 100%

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During the patient interview, there are a number of opportunities to provide patient education and empathy. The opportunities listed below are those identified by nursing experts to be of particular ... importance to this patient. A Model Statement is provided as an example of an appropriate response to each opportunity.  Opportunities marked as Not Encountered are opportunities that were not elicited in the interview  Opportunities marked as Not Followed Up are missed opportunities that were present in the interview, but where no statements were made  Opportunities marked as Followed Up were followed up by students, and include the dialogue between student and patient 1 Symptoms Followed Up Description: Tina describes problems sleeping and stress-symptoms like racing thoughts. what brings you in today? Question 12:33 PM CDT I decided to come in because I'm tired all the time now. . . I have this really important exam coming up, and I'm stressed and too foggy to study most of the time. I really need help sleeping so I can focus on preparing for my exam. sorry to hear that you feel tired all the time. I will ask you some questions to help your problems [Show More]

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