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Shadow Health Tina Jones Comprehensive Assessment_ Subjective Data Collection: 33 of 33 (100.0%)

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Category Scored Items Experts selected these topics as essential components of a strong, thorough interview with this patient. Patient Data Not Scored A combination of open and closed questions w... ill yiel better patient data. The following details are facts of t patient's case. Current Health Status Asked about current health problems Denies current acute health problems Reports diabetes Reports asthma Asked about last visit to a healthcare provider Reports last visit to a healthcare provider was 4 months ago Reports reason for last visit was annual gynecological exam Reports last general physical examination was 5 months ago Asked about current prescription medications Reports taking diabetes medication Reports having an inhaler Reports taking prescription birth control pills Followed up about diabetes medication Reports diabetes medication is metformin Reports starting taking diabetes medication 5 months ago Reports that side effects of diabetes medication abated over time Reports taking diabetes medication twice daily Reports diabetes medication dose is 850 mg Denies adverse effects of diabetes medication [Show More]

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