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ATI ADULT HEALTH PROCTORED FORM A EXAM - 100 Correct Questions & Answers

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Adult Health Form A 1. A nurse is preparing to administer thrombolytic therapy to a client who had an ischemic stroke. Which of the following is an appropriate nursing action? a. Start the therapy... within 8 hr b. Insert an indwelling urinary catheter after therapy begins c. Monitor blood pressure every 30 min during the infusion d. Elevate the head of bed between 25 and 30 2. A nurse is teaching a client about the use of an incentive spirometer. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching? a. Place hands on the upper abdomen during inhalation b. Exhale slowly through pursed lips c. Hold breaths about 3 to 5 seconds before exhaling d. Position the mouthpiece 2.5 cm (1 in) from the mouth [Show More]

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