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NR-566 Week 5 Assignment: Immunization – Varicella (VAR) | Highly RATED Paper | GRADED A

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Choose 2 vaccines from the list above and provide the following information for each: Name of disease preventable vaccination Trade name (if more than one available, chose one only) Type of v... accination (attenuated or inactivated) Contraindications Precautions Adverse drug reactions Minimum age to receive vaccine Routine recommended vaccine schedule (timing and dose) Special situations Example: Vaccination: Hepatitis A vaccination Trade Name: Havrix Type: Inactivated Contraindication: Person with previous history of severe reaction to HAV, moderate or severe illness, with or without fever Precautions: Patients with immunosuppression (may have lower antibody titers) Adverse drug reactions: Injection site reaction, headache & malaise Minimum age: 12 months Routine vaccination schedule: 2 dose series between ages 12-24 months Minimum interval between doses (if applicable): 6 months apart Special situations: Vaccine should be given to those at risk for hepatitis A infection including chronic liver disease, clotting factor disorders, men who have sex with men, injection or non-injection drug use, homelessness, work with hepatitis a virus, travel in countries with high or intermediate endemic hepatitis A or close personal contact with an international adoptee. Barriers & Interventions Identify one reason for vaccine non-compliance or vaccine hesitancy by patients/parents. Discuss one intervention that Nurse Practitioners can take to improve vaccination compliance . Identify when healthcare providers are required by law to report an adverse event. Discuss adverse events that healthcare providers are encouragedto report. Identify how a healthcare provider would report an adverse event. [Show More]

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