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PHL 200 Introduction to Ethics Unit 4 - Questions and Answers

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PHL 200 Intro to Ethics Unit 4 Which of the following best defines virtue-based ethics? Choose the true statement about virtue-based ethics. Jean lies to her boss about not feeling well so she can sta... y home and watch her favorite shows. How might a virtue-based ethicist classify this action? Laura wears a lot of green because it nicely compliments her red hair. How might a virtue-based ethicist classify this action? Kevin reads for 30 minutes every afternoon to improve his intellect. How might a virtue-based ethicist classify this action? Lucy overheard her parents talking about her beloved Uncle Paul and was shocked to learn that he had been arrested that day. “What?” she shouted, betraying her secret listening spot beneath the dining room table. “What?” Lucy’s mother frowned, but quickly reassured her daughter. “He was protesting the new oil pipeline outside of town, dear. Typical Paul. He’ll be fine.” According to virtue-based ethics, Paul’s act of protest is evaluated based on how his action reveals ___________and is considered permissible because it demonstrates his commitment to protecting the Earth. PJ is student-teaching in an elementary school, and her roommate, Maya, is student-teaching at a different elementary school. At night in their apartment, they both work on lesson plans as well as their required college coursework. Maya is struggling with aligning standards to her lesson plans and asks PJ to help her understand the process. PJ wants to be more successful than Maya, so she lies and tells her roommate that she does not have time to help her. According to virtue-based ethics, PJ’s refusal to help her roommate is evaluated based on how her action reveals character. The refusal is considered impermissible because it demonstrates the cultivation of a(n) ___________ [Show More]

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