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PHL 200 Intro to Ethics Unit Final. Score 100%

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PHL 200 Intro to Ethics Unit Final Which of the following statements supports egoism? "Abortion is acceptable if the woman doesn't want to be a mother." To which theory of ethics is the person who mad... e this statement likely appealing? Which of the following statements reflects conventionalism? Which action demonstrates a shortcoming of virtue-based ethics? On which of the following statements would a hedonic utilitarian and an idealist utilitarian disagree? According to egoism, what might an egoist think about when compelled to serve on a jury? Which of the following is a benefit of philosophy? Ellie believes that every person should show compassion at all times. Which of the following actions is inconsistent with her belief? Ingrid steals from a wealthy neighbor's excess so she can afford shoes for her children. How would a utilitarian classify this action? [Show More]

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