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RN A2 Anatomy and Physiology LATEST 2021 Download to Score A+

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30 questions that I did! 1. The pulse point located behind the knee is palpated over which artery? Popliteal 2. Part of the body Facing forward- Anterior 3. ……ABCD of cancer? Melanoma {The most... dangerous form of skin cancer} 4. Which of the following statements best describe endocrine glands? They secrete chemicals into the blood 5. Which organ is part of both the male reproductive system & the urinary system? Urethra 6. Anaerobic respiration can lead to a burning sensation caused by which molecule? Lactic acid 7. When assessing a female client who describes herself as a vegetarian in the nurse notes that she has an unusual skin color. The nurse should ask the client if she has eaten large amount of: carrot and squash 8. Which hand position describes an anatomical position of a person who is standing erect with feet forward? Palms of the hand facing anteriorly 9. What are like cells grouped together called? A tissue 10. What type of synovial joint is the elbow? Hinge 11. Which structure is a ball and socket joint? Shoulder 12. What are fingerprints made of? Friction Ridges 13. What are like cells grouped together called? Tissue 14. Which is the largest chamber of the heart? Left Ventricle 15. Membrane that lines body cavities that open the exterior of the body is mucous membrane (inside of the body cavity- serous membrane) 16. Which muscle of the quadriceps femoris group lies on the slide surface of the lower extremity? Vastus lateralis 17. Which structure is located on the sternum? Xiphoid process 18. What occurs when the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated? Increased Cardiac output 19. Where does digestion begin in the digestive system? Oral cavity/Mouth 20. Which cell structure regulates the transportation of substances in and out the cell? Cell membrane 21. The Malleus, Incus, and Stapes are located in which part of the body? Ear 22. What is the function of the thrombocytes (platelets)? Play role in blood clotting 23.What is the response of cells in the collecting tubules in the nephrons when antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is secreted? Water is reabsorbed from the urinary filtrate 24. What is the function of Golgi body/apparatus in the human cell? Process protein secretion. synthesize carbs and glycoproteins 25. 4 steps in Bone formation: Hematoma (inflammation)-callus formation-ossificationremodeling. 26. Which lobe of the brain is responsible for auditory functioning? Temporal lobe 27.When water molecules move across cell membrane from high to low concentration this process is called? Osmosis 28. Facilitates the recognition of genetic code on macromolecules? DNA 29. What plane divides the body from left to right? Sagittal plane This study source was downloaded by 100000831988016 from on 01-05-2022 04:46:03 GMT -06:00 30. Aqueous humor is watery fluid in which part of the body? Eye A&P version 1 and 2 1. What are the chemical substances that prevent a sharp change in the pH of a fluid when an acid or a base is added to it? Buffer 2. What do T-lymphocytes do? Defend the body against microbes 3. Which structure produces T-lymphocytes? Thymus 4. Which structure produces B-lymphocytes? Red bone marrow 5. What is the function of Eustachian tube? Equilibrates pressure between the middle ear and external environment 6. What physiological response occurs when epinephrine and non-ephedrine- Blood is directed toward the heart, skeletal muscles and brain. 7. Which of the following is a structure found in the upper respiratory system? Pharynx(throat). It includes nose (nostrils), nasal cavity, mouth, and larynx (voice box). The structure in the lower RS includes: Trachea, primary bronchi and lungs. 8. Calcaneus is located in what part of the body? Foot 9. Dorsiflexion plantar flexion are types of joint movement that are associated with which part of the body? Foot 10. A person who has damage to their ulnar nerve will have decreased sensation in which area? Arm – inability to abduct hands and fingers 11. The ankle is distal to the knee 12. Posterior means what part of the body? The back 13. Which bones are located in the forearm? Ulna and Radius 14. Which bone dose not articulate with any other bone? Hyoid – is a U-shape bone in the neck that supports the tongue 15. Which of the following elements is necessary for muscle contraction? Calcium 16. Diet is important because bone are storage places for? Calcium and phosphorous 17. What female reproductive organ produces oocytes, estrogen, progesterone? Ovaries 18. Which layer of the cutaneous membrane are nerve ending located- Dermis {Where is the nerve ending close to the skin? Dermis} 19. Which bones are formed first by intramembrous ossification? Flat bones of skull 20. Ligaments provides with connection? Bone to bone (Tendon -muscle to bone) 21. Sprain occurs when there is a tear in which structure? Ligament muscle/ankle/shoulder 22. Why are tendons and ligament most likely to be slow in healing following an injury? Lack of blood supply/because these connective tissues are avascular. 23. Compact tissue with Haversian canals is classified as what type of tissue? Bone 24. What structure conducts urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder? (The tube between kidney and urinary bladder) Ureter 25. As part of the negative feedback system, which type of cell is stimulated to resorb bone matrix in response to a decrease in calcium in the blood? Osteoclasts 26. Sweat on the skin's surface cools the body through which process? Evaporation 27. A Client has large pituitary tumor. The nurse knows that this tumor exists in which part of the body? Head /Client has large pituitary tumor what part of the body does this effect? Head hurt, sickness, low blood pressure 28. Which anatomical structure houses the malleus, incus, and stapes? Skull ear [Show More]

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1. Anatomic position The body is erect, the feet are slightly apart, the head is held high, and the palms of the hands are facing forward 2. Which of the following is a structure found in the upper...

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