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Caleb Metz 13 yo male Testicular Pain

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Assessment ● Sudden onset left scrotal/testicular pain and swelling in a 13 yo male- MSAP ● Related ○ Nausea with 1 episode of vomiting ○ Tachycardia ○ Diaphoresis ○ Left scrotal swelling ... per exam ○ Left scrotal erythema per exam ○ Left testicular pain to palpation ○ Absent cremasteric reflex ● Resolved ○ History of tympanostomy tubes as a young child Differential Diagnosis and Tests ● Testicular torsion - MnM ○ Scrotal US, doppler - absent blood flow to the affected left testicle ● Epididymitis - MnM ○ Urinalysis - normal ● Hernia, inguinal - MnM ○ CT abdomen/pelvis without contrast -- negative ● Urolithiasis ○ Urinalysis ○ CT abdomen/pelvis without contrast ● Torsion of testicular appendage ○ Scrotal ultrasound, doppler ● Appendicitis - MnM ○ CBC ○ CT abdomen/pelvis without contras [Show More]

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