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OB HESI 1. One hour after delivery, the nurse is unable to palpate the uterine fundus of a client who had an epidural and notes a large amount of lochia on the perineal pad. The nurse massages at the ... umbilicus and obtains current vital signs. Which intervention should the nurse implement next? Document number of pad changes in the last hour Increase the rate of the oxytocin infusion Palpate the suprapubic area for bladder distention Provide bedpan to void if unable to ambulate 2. Missing 3.After breast-feeding 10 minutes at each breast, a new mother calls the nurse to the postpartum room to help change the newborns diaper. As the mother begins the diaper change, the newborn spits up the breast milk. What action should the nurse implement first? Wipe away the spit-up and assist the mother with the diaper change Turn the newborn to the side and bulb suction the mouth and nares Sit the newborn up and burp by rubbing or patting the upper back Place the newborn in a position with the head lower than the feet 7. A client delivers a viable infant but begins to have excessive uncontrolled vaginal bleeding after the IV Pitocin is infused. When notifying the hcp of the clients condition, what information is most important for the nurse to provide? Total amount of Pitocin infused Maternal Blood pressure Maternal Apical Pulse rate Time Pitocin infusion completed [Show More]

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