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ATI RN Comprehensive predictor (A GUARANTEED) <100% CORRECT> GRADED A+ | LATEST SOLUTIONS | What can be delegated to Assistive personnel (AP)?  ADLs - bathing - grooming - dressing - ambulating... - feeding (w/o swallow precautions) - positioning - bed making - specimen collection - I&O - VS (stable clients A nurse on a med surge unit has recieved change of shift report and will care for 4 clients. Which of the following clients needs will the nurse assign to an AP? C. Reapplying a condom catheter for a client who has urinary incontinence A nurse is delegating the ambulation of a client who had knee arthroplasty 5 days ago to an AP. Which of the following info should the nurse share with the AP? Select all: B. The client ambulates with his slippers on over his antiembolic stockings C. The client uses a front wheeled walker when ambulating D. The client had pain meds 30 minutes ago An RN is making assignments for client care to an LPN at the beginning of the shift. Which of the following assignments should the LPN question? D. Replacing the cartridge and tubing on a PCA pump A nurse is preparing an inservice program about delegation. Which of the following elements should she identify when presenting the 5 rights of delegation. Select all: B. Right supervision/evaluation C. Right direction/communication E. Right circumstances A nurse manager of a med surge unit is assigning care responsibilities for the oncoming shift. A client is waiting transfer back to the unit from the PACU following thoracic surgery. To which staff member should the nurse assign the client? B. RN What is the study of conduct and character? Ethics What are the values and beliefs that guide behavior and decision making?-Morals What is the right to make ones own personal decisions, even tho those decisions might not be in the persons best interest-Autonomy What are positive actions to help others-Beneficience What is an agreement to keep promises-Fidelity What is fairness in care delivery and use of resources-Justice What is avoidance of harm or injury-Non-maleficence A nurse is caring for a client who decides not to have surgery despite significant blockages in his coronary arteries. The nurse understands that this clients choice is an example of what principles? A. Fidelity A nurse offers pain meds to a client who is postop prior to ambulation. The nurse understands that this aspect of care delivery is an example of which of the following ethical principles? D. Beneficience-D A nurse is instructing a group of nursing students about the responsibilities involved with organ donation and procurement. When the nurse explains that all clients waiting for a kidney transplant have to meet the same qualifications, the students should understand that this aspect of care delivery is an example of which ethical principle C. Justice A nurse questions a med prescription as too extreme and light of the clients advanced age and unstable status. The nurse understands that this action is an example of which ethical principle D. Nonmalificence Which of the following situations can be identified as an ethical dilemma? C. A family has conflicting feelings about the initiation of enteral tube feedings of their father who is terminally ill Most managers can be categorized as-authoritative, democratic, and laissez faire Authoritative  makes decisions of the group  motivates by coercion  communication occurs down the chain of command  Work output by the staff is usually high-good for crisis situations and bureaucratic settingsDemocratic  includes the group when decisions are made  Motivates by supporting star achievements  Communication occurs up and down the chain of command  Work output by staff is usually of good quality-good when cooperation and collaboration is necessary [Show More]

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