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Pediatrics Questions and Answers Latest Updated 2021 Download to Score A

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When performing a physical examination on a neonate, the nurse notes low-set ears. What action should the nurse perform next? You Selected:  Assess the neonate to determine if other apparent abn... ormalities are present. Correct response:  Assess the neonate to determine if other apparent abnormalities are present. Explanation: Remediation: Question 2 See full question A nurse is teaching the mother of a 5-month-old infant diagnosed with bronchiolitis. Which statement by the mother indicates that teaching has been effective? You Selected:  "My baby has been sick. A machine will help him breathe." Correct response:  "I know that this disease is serious and can lead to asthma." Explanation: Remediation: Question 3 See full question A 15-month-old child is being discharged after treatment for severe otitis media and bacterial meningitis. Which statement by the parents indicates effective discharge teaching? You Selected:  "We're just so glad this is all behind us." Correct response:  "We'll go to the physician if our child pulls on the ears or won't lie down." Explanation: Remediation: Question 4 See full question A 2-year-old child is brought to the emergency department with suspected croup. Which assessment finding reflects increasing respiratory distress? You Selected:  Flushed skin Correct response:  Intercostal retractions Explanation: Remediation: Question 5 See full question A 3-year-old child with Down syndrome is admitted to the pediatric unit with asthma. The child doesn't enunciate words well and holds onto furniture when he walks. The nurse should ask the mother: You Selected:  if the child always drools. Correct response:  how the child's condition today differs from his normal condition. Explanation: Remediation: Question 6 See full question A registered nurse (RN) has been "care-paired" with a licensed practical nurse (LPN) during the evening shift. Whose care should the RN assign to the LPN? You Selected:  A 12-month-old infant who has a white blood cell (WBC) count of 34/μl and a fever Correct response:  The 2-year-old child who has started eating soft, solid foods following a tonsillectomy Explanation: Question 7 See full question Before performing an otoscopic examination on a child, where should the nurse palpate for tenderness? You Selected:  Tragus, cochlea, and lobule Correct response:  Tragus, mastoid process, and helix Explanation: [Show More]

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