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Maternity/OB PN Hesi Specialty V2 Question And Answers/ Verified Answers

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HESI Nursing-Maternity/OB PN Hesi Specialty V2 2020/NURSING 412 -Maternity/OB PN Hesi Specialty V2 2020. 1. A client is admitted to the labor and delivery unit with contractions that are 3-5 minutes a... part, lasting 60-70 seconds. She reports that she is leaking fluid. A vaginal exam reveals that her cervix is 80 percent effaced and 4 cm dilated and a -1 station. The LPN/LVN knows that the client is in which phase and stage of labor? 2. To assess uterine contractions the LPN/LVN would 3. Which basic type of pelvis includes the correct description and percentage of occurrence in women? [Show More]

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