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ATI Fundamentals Practice Test C with 80 Questions & 100% Correct Answers 2022

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1. A nurse is planning to obtain the vital signs of a 2-year-old child who is experiencing diarrhea and who might have a right ear infection. Which of the following routes should the nurse use to ... obtain the temperature? - Temporal 2. A nurse is caring for a client who is in the terminal stage of cancer. Which of the following actions should the nurse takes when she observes the client crying? - Sit and hold the client's hand 3. A community health nurse is preparing a campaign about seasonal influenza. Which of the following plans should the nurse include as a secondary prevention? - Screening groups of older adults in nursing care facilities for early influenza manifestations 4. A nurse is teaching an assistive personnel (AP) about proper hand hygiene. Which of the following statements by the AP indicates an understanding of the teaching? - "There are times I should use soap and water rather than an alcohol-based rub to clean my hands." 5. A nurse is performing an abdominal assessment for an adult client. Identify the correct sequence of steps for this assessment. - - Inspection - Auscultation - Percussion - Palpation 6. A nurse at a screening clinic is assessing a client who reports a history of a heart murmur related to aortic valve stenosis. At which of the following anatomical areas should the nurse place the stethoscope to auscultate the aortic valve? - Second intercostal space to the right of the sternum 7. A nurse is measuring vital signs for a client and notices an irregularity in the pulse. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? - Count the apical pulse rate for 1 minute, and describe the rhythm in the chart 8. A nurse observes an assistive personnel (AP) preparing to obtain blood pressure with a regular size cuff for a client who is obese. Which of the following explanations should the nurse give the AP? - "Using a cuff that is t [Show More]

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