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BIOS 255 Unit 8 Final Exam

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Question: Describe innate and adaptive immune systems, how they work and how they interact. Question: Explain the various subclasses of antibodies – how they are similar, how they differ. Questi... on: Define ventilation, external respiration and internal respiration. Be sure to identify their functions and were they occur. Question: Explain the neural control of ventilation including brain centers, sensory and motor signals. Question: Describe how oxygen and carbon dioxide are transported in the blood with a special emphasis on the factors that affect the loading/unloading of these gases in the lungs vs. tissues. Question: List and briefly describe the major functions of the various subclasses of T-cells. Question: Explain the similarities and differences between primary and secondary responses of the adaptive immune response Question: Functions of the Spleen Question: All muscles used in exhaling and inhaling Question: Know the characteristics of the thymus Question: Know the components of the lymphatic system Question: Know the conduction system for air Question: Where gas exchange occurs in the lung and how this occurs Question: Function of RBCs, T-cells, B-cells, Cytotoxic T cells, Natural killer cells Question: Return of lymph to venous circulation. Question: Know the process of inhalation and exhalation (the steps involved) [Show More]

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