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BIOS 242 Week 4 Midterm Exam (Spring Term) Latest 2021/2022

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Question: Which of the following is ‘not’ a microscopic organism that Leewenhook was able to observe under the microscope he constructed in 1674? Question: Which of the following is INCORRECT re... garding Archaea? Question: What is the name for sphere-shaped bacterial cells? Question: Where do you find genetic material in a prokaryotic cell? Question: Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding glycocalyces? Question: What is the name for flagella covering the perimeter of the cell? Question: What is the name of the structure that transfers genetic material between bacterial cells? Question: The term used to describe a disease-causing microorganism is Question: If a nursing student observed a typical eukaryotic cell, what would they find inside? Question: Cellular organelles and viruses are very small compared to prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and are generally measured in ________ Question: Bacteria form endospores under which circumstances? Question: If a microbiology lab technician left safranin out of the Gram stain procedure, what would be the result? Question: A(n) ________ organism is one that requires oxygen for growth and cannot function without it. Question: During the _______ of growth, new cells are being produced at the same rate as the other cells are dying. Question: All of the following are associated with smear preparation except ________. Question: The majority of human pathogens are classified as _________ Question: What process of cellular respiration ultimately produces the most ATP? Question: Anabolic reactions may be characterized as Question: What is the purpose of an enzyme in a chemical reaction? Question: Which eukaryotic organism can have 2 nuclei and contractile vacuoles? Question: Which of the following statements about competitive inhibitors is false? Question: Which Eukaryotic organism obtains nutrients by decomposing dead organisms? Question: Sister chromatids separate and move toward the poles of the cell during ______ of mitosis. Question: The extracellular state of a virus is called a _________. Question: Unknown (Pretty sure this one was about AESAR order) Question: Which viral structure is acquired from the host cell during viral replication or release? Question: Pyruvic acid is a product of ___________. Question: Which of the following is the most appropriate pairing of microbe and biosafety level? Question: A very large zone of inhibition in the Kirby-Bauer test means _________. Question: Why are endospores used to measure the effectiveness of autoclave sterilization? Question: The major disadvantage to using broad-spectrum antibiotics is that they Question: Why are cell membranes a good target for antimicrobial drugs? Question: Which is not a factor that affects the efficacy of antimicrobial methods? Question: Why does milk go bad after pasteurization? [Show More]

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