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NR 534 Week 3 Discussion: Open and Closed Systems Impact of Decision Making Within | Download To Score An A

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Facilitating: Over the next five weeks (3-7) you are engaging in group forums within which you explore issues related to weekly lesson topics. For one of these you will assume role of facilitato... r and the remainder of the weeks you are a participant. Your role as facilitator has specific guidelines and grading rubric which are available here: Group Discussion Facilitation Guidelines and Rubric. (Links to an external site.) The grade for facilitation appears in the gradebook under Week 7: Facilitation. To learn basic tips on what facilitation of a group means and how to perform it successfully, please also review the Group Facilitation Information Sheet. (Links to an external site.) There is not a separate electronic submission required for this assignment. Participation: Engaging in group forums is a bit different from traditional discussion posts. In group forums you engage in dialogue addressing the components in the prompt with the guidance of the facilitator. The key to robust group forums is frequent, quality responses. The facilitator posts within the first 24 hours of the week to start the discussion. To promote thoughtful dialogue, you should respond as soon as able after the facilitator has posted. Review the discussion rubric for further guidelines on grading. Part 1: Individual Describe your organization as a closed or open system. Discuss how thinking differs between the two. Is there a difference in systems thinking in traditional healthcare versus complex adaptive systems? Part 2: With Your Group Systems thinking allows a more holistic perspective on decision making. Share examples of the types of decisions that occur at the unit, department, and organizational levels of the organization. Describe the impact of those decisions vertically, horizontally, and system-wide. Describe the effect of the decisions at the individual system level as well as the impact throughout the organization. [Show More]

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