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Pediatric exam 1 ATI mastery chapter questions and answers. rated A

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A nurse is preparing to assess a preschool age child. Which is an appropriate action by the nurse to prepare the child? - Allow the child to role-play using miniature equitment Nurse is checking VS... in a 3 year old child. Which should the nurse report to the provider? - RR 30/min Nurse is assessing a child's ears. Which is an expected finding? - Cerumen is present bilaterally Nurse is assessing a 6 month old infant. Which reflexes should the infant exhibit ? - Plantar grasp Nurse is performing a neuro assessment on an adolescent. Which is an appropriate reaction by the adolescent when the nurse checks the rigeminal cranial nerve? - - clenching teeth together tightly - detecting facial touches with eyes closed Nurse is assessing a 12 month old infant. Which findings should the nurse report to the provider? - Birth weight doubled Which fine motor skills should the nurse expect the 10 month old infant to perform? - - grasp a rattle by the handle - use a crude pincer grasp Which immunizations should the nurse plan to administer a 4 month old infant? - - polio (IVP) - pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) - Rotavirus vaccine (RV) Nurse is providing education about introducing new foods to the parents of a 4 month old infant. The nurse should recommend that the parents introduce which foods first? - Iron - fortified cereals Nurse is providing teaching about dental care & teething to the parent of a 9 month old infant. Which statement by the parent indicates an understanding of the teaching ? - "I should clean my baby's teeth with a cool, wet wash cloth" Which finding on a 2 1/2 year old toddler should the nurse report to the provider? - Head circumference exceeds chest circumference (Head & chest circumference should be equal by 1 - 2 years) Which skills should an 18 month old toddler be able to perform? - - throw a ball overhand - use a spoon without rotation Nurse is providing teaching about age-appropriate activities to parent of a 2 year old. Which statement by the parent indicates an understanding of teaching? - "I will send my child's favorite stuffed animal when she will be napping away from home" Nurse is providing anticipatory guidance to the parents of a toddler. What should the nurse include? - - develop food habits that will prevent dental caries - expression of bedtime fears is common - expect behaviors associated with negativism & ritualism Nurse is providing teaching to parent of a preschool age child about methods to promote sleep. Which statement by the parent indicates an understanding of the teaching? - "I will keep a dim lamp on in my child's room during the night" Which immunizations should nurse plan to administer to a 5 year old child? - - DTaP - IPV - MMR Nurse providing educational program for parents of preschool age children about promoting optimum nutrition. Which info should nurse include in the teaching? - Average calorie intake should be 1,800 calories per day [Show More]

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