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ATI Leadership Prediction Questions 2022 40 Questions & 100% Correct Answers

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1. A nurse is orienting a newly licensed nurse to the procedure involved in obtaining informed consent. The nurse knows informed consent is based on the ethical principle of - autonomy. 2. By the m... iddle of a shift, two of the three nurses working have gone home ill, leaving the nursing unit short staffed. Which of the following is the most appropriate action for the charge nurse? - Call the nursing supervisor and request additional staff. 3. Which of the following observations made by a nurse should be reported to the nurse manager as a violation against HIPPA? - Talking about clients with other nurses in the cafeteria 4. An RN is part of a team that consists of a licensed practicval nurse (LPN) and an assistive personnel (AP). One of the clients the team is assigned to care for has a small bowel obstruction and is NPO with a nasogastric (NG) tube set to continuous drainage. Which of the following tasks must be retained by the RN? - Assess for bowel sounds every 2 hr. 5. A nurse manager calls a meeting of the unit's staff members to discuss cost containment issues. The nurse manager has asked for member input regarding strategies that might help reduce costs. The nurse understands that this is an example of which of the following types of leadership? - Democratic 6. A client receiving care from a home health nurse asks what is included in a living will. The nurse explains that a living will is a document that - allows the client to express personal wishes regarding health care decisions 7. A nurse is completing a variance (or incident) report after administering an incorrect dose of medication to a client, even though the client experienced no ill effects from the error. The nurse should understand that the purpose of completing the variance report is to - identify situations that contribute to the occurrence of mediation errors. 8. An assistive personnel (AP) who appears to be under the influence of alcohol reports to duty on the night shift. Which of the following is an appropriate response by the charge nurse? - Ask the nursing supervisor to observe the AP [Show More]

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