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Teas 6 Science Practice Questions 101 QUESTIONS WITH 100% CORRECT ANSWERS

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1. What is the name of the structure that prevents food from entering the airway? - Epiglottis 2. Which substance makes up the pads that provide support between the vertebrae? - Cartilage 3. The two... criteria for classifying epithelial tissue are cell layers and ______ - Cell shape 4. Where is the parathyroid gland located? - Neck 5. How many organ systems are in the human body? - 11 6. Which element within the respiratory system is responsible for removing foreign matter from the lungs? - Cilia 7. What is the name of the process in the lungs by which oxygen is transported from the air to the blood? - Diffusion 8. Which gland is responsible for the regulation of calcium levels? - Parathyroid 9. Which secretion of the digestive system is responsible for water reabsorption? - Large intestine 10. Describe one responsibility of the integumentary system. - Blocking pathogens that cause disease 11. When are parasympathetic nerves active within the nervous system? - When a person is resting or eating 12. What best describes the relationship between the circulatory system and the integumentary system? - Removal of excess heat fr [Show More]

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