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NR 508 : Advanced Pharmacology Week 1 Quiz (Latest, 2021/ 2022) Chamberlain College

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NR 508 : Advanced Pharmacology Week 1 Quiz 1. The primary care NP sees a patient covered by Medicaid, writes a prescription for a medication, and is informed by the pharmacist that the medicat... ion is “off-formulary.” The NP should: (Points : 2) inform the patient that an out-of-pocket expense will be necessary. write the prescription for a generic drug if it meets the patient’s needs. call the patient’s insurance provider to advocate for this particular drug. contact the pharmaceutical company to see if medication samples are available. Question 2.2. A patient asks a primary care nurse practitioner (NP) about using over-the- counter medications to treat an upper respiratory infection with symptoms of cough, fever, and nasal congestion. The NP should: (Points : 2) recommend a cough preparation that also contains acetaminophen. suggest using single-ingredient products to treat each symptom separately. recommend a product containing antitussive, antipyretic, and decongestant ingredients. tell the patient that over-the-counter medications are usually not effective in manufacturer-recommended doses. [Show More]

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