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Walden University - BIOL 1001 Week 4 Quiz - 2019 (all answers correct)

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BIOL 1001 Week 4 Quiz QUESTION 1 The members of a pair of chromosomes (for example, the two copies of chromosome 1) are called: a. Alleles b. Gametes c. Genotypes d. Homologous chromoso... mes e. Sister chromatids 1 points SAVED QUESTION 2 Combined, your parents could have produced as many as di"erent types of children, genetically speaking. a. 46 b. 285 c. 8 million d. 64 trillion 1 points SAVED QUESTION 3 A heterozygous organism: a. Always shows a recessive trait b. Can’t produce gametes c. Has two identical alleles of a gene d. Has two di"erent alleles of a gene 1 points SAVED 4. In a certain plant species, thick-shelled seeds are caused by the dominant allele T, while thin-shelled seeds are caused by the recessive allele t. Consider an individual plant that has thin-shelled seeds. What is the genotype of this individual? a. TT b. Tt c. tt d. tt or Tt 5. Describing a person as having hemophilia is to indicate his or her: a. Genotype b. Phenotype c. Genetic code d. Number of chromosomes e. Environment 6. Sex-linked traits can be expressed by: a. Males only b. Females only c. Either males or females d. Carriers only 7. Hemophilia is an X-linked recessive allele causing a blood disorder. If a man without hemophilia and a woman who is a carrier of the disease have a daughter, what are the chances that she will have hemophilia? a. 0% b. 25% c. 50% d. 75% e. 100% 8.Which of the following is an example of biological evolution? a. You are vaccinated against polio and are protected against the disease. b. A tree branch is broken o" and another grows in its place. c. A species of caterpillar is the same shade of green as the leaves on which it feeds. d. The average woman’s dress size has increased over the last 50 years. e. A baby bird that has lost its parents treats the human who raises it like its own parent. 9.According to the theory of common descent, each species on Earth today should: a. Look very similar to all other species Not have ancestors in common with members of other species 10.Which of the following observations of species distribution across Earth support the theory of common descent? a. All continents contain nearly identical organisms. b. Each part of Earth contains life forms perfectly designed for that region. c. One can see similarities in organisms that are found in close proximity, but each population has adaptations that suit the organisms to their particular habitat. d. There are very few similarities among life forms on di"erent tropical islands. e. Mockingbirds are only found in the Galápagos. [Show More]

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