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OB NR-327 Maternal Child Care Final Exam Questions and Answers Latest 2022

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1.A nurse is preparing to assess a patient for orthostatic hypertension. Which piece of equipment will the nurse obtain for this condition? Blood pressure cuff 2.The patient has been in bed for sev... eral days and needs to be ambulated. Which action will the nurse take first? Dangle patient at bedside 3.A nurse reviews an immobilized patient lab results and discovers hypercalcemia. Which condition will the nurse monitor for most closely in this patient? Renal calculi 4.A nurse is caring for an immobile patient. Which metabolic alteration will the nurse monitor for in this patient? Altered nutrient metabolism 5.A nurse is preparing a care patient who is immobile. Which psychosocial aspect will the nurse consider? Loss of hope 6.The nurse is caring for an older adult patient who has been diagnosed with a stroke. Which intervention will the nurse add to the care plan? Encourage the patient to perform as many self- care activities as possible 7.The nurse is observing the way a patient walks. Which aspect is nurse assessing? Gait 8.A nurse is assessing the body alignment of a standing patient. Which finding will the nurse report as normal? When observed laterally, the spinal curves align in a reversed "S" pattern. 9.A nurse is evaluating the body alignment of a patient in the sitting position. Which observation by the nurse will indicate a normal finding? Both feet are supported on the floor with ankles flexed 10.The nurse is assessing body alignment for a patient who is immobilized. Which patient position will the nurse use? Lateral [Show More]

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