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PSY 650 Final Exam: Questions and ALL CORRECT Answers

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Question: Using physical and cognitive arguments, explain how adolescence and emerging adulthood differ from each other. Question: Compare and contrast Piaget’s theory of cognitive development with... Kohlberg’s theory of moral development. How do they intersect with each other? Question: Explain how Baumrind’s theory can … used to stave off some of the problems of adolescence, including teenage pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, and substance abuse. Question: Using the theories of Erikson, Marcia, and Ginsberg, explain how an adolescent and an emerging adult can be guided toward selecting a suitable career. Question: Using the theories of Erikson, Neugarten, Sternberg, and Berscheid and Walster, describe the ingredients of a successful marriage. Question: Discuss primary and secondary aging, as they occur during middle adulthood and late adulthood, and explain how these changes can … ameliorated. [Show More]

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