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Attempt Score 100 out of 100 points Time Elapsed 44 minutes out of 1 hour and 30 minutes Results Displayed Submitted Answers, Feedback  Question 1 2 out of 2 points One finding is that adol... escents who smoke cigarettes, drink heavily, and smoke marijuana are ______________ Selected Answer: C. more likely to engage in other deviant behavior.  Question 2 2 out of 2 points One personality variable that has been consistently associated with higher rates of substance dependence is Selected Answer: B. high impulsivity.  Question 3 2 out of 2 points One of the general principles of psychoactive drugs is that "every drug has ___________ Selected Answer: C. multiple effects  Question 4 2 out of 2 points Despite the limitations of survey questionnaires, they can be especially informative Selected Answer: A. if they are done year after year, because we can then look for changes over time.  Question 5 2 out of 2 points One of the general principles of psychoactive drug use is that "the effect of any psychoactive drug is powerfully influenced by ___________________." Selected Answer: A. the user's history and expectations  Question 6 2 out of 2 points When examining a graph regarding changes over the years in the percentage of high school seniors who say they have “used” marijuana, we find almost a clear inverse (mirror-image) relationship to Selected Answer: C. perceived "risk" of harm in using marijuana. This study source was downloaded by 100000831988016 from on 03-09-2022 05:27:55 GMT -06:00  Question 7 2 out of 2 points Suppose a person is prescribed an opioid medication (similar to heroin) to treat a painful injury. But after her injury heals, she takes the drug primarily to feel euphoria. Based on this information alone, what term would you use to describe her drug use? Selected Answer: drug misuse  Question 8 2 out of 2 points One of the general principles of psychoactive drug use is that: Selected Answer: D. drugs, per se, are not good or bad.  Question 9 2 out of 2 points The use of a substance in a manner, amounts, or situations such that the drug causes problems or greatly increases the chances of problems occurring is called: Selected Answer: C. abuse [Show More]

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