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Midterm Study guide NR 599 Informatics General principles of Nursing Informatics Nursing informatics is the specialty that integrates nursing science with multiple information management and analy... tical sciences to identify, define, manage, and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice. One of the most frequently quoted and widely accepted definitions of nursing informatics is that it is a combination of nursing science, information science and computer science · Knowledge •All nurses have the opportunity to be involved in the formal dissemination of knowledge via their participation in professional conferences either as presenters or attendees. •All nurses, regardless of the practice arena, must use informatics and technology to inform and support that practice. · Wisdom •Wisdom is the application of knowledge to an appropriate situation. •In the practice of nursing science, we expect action and/or actions directed by wisdom. •Wisdom uses knowledge and experience to heighten common sense and insight to exercise sound judgment in practical matters. It is developed through knowledge, experience, insight and reflection. · Scientific Underpinning The scientific underpinnings of practice provide the basis of knowledge for advanced nursing practice. These scientific underpinnings include sciences such as biology, physiology, psychology, ethics, and nursing. · The Foundation of Knowledge Model According to Mastrain and McGonigle (2009), one of the most prominent models associated with nursing informatics is the Foundation of Knowledge model. This theory involves integrating four main kinds of knowledge, which are: knowledge acquisition, knowledge dissemination, knowledge generation and knowledge processing. Knowledge acquisition: application of knowledge acquired through education, research, and practice to provide services and interventions to patients to maintain, enhance, or restore their health, and to acquire, process, generate, and dis- seminate nursing knowledge to advance the nursing profession. Knowledge Dissemination: Disturbing and sharing of knowledge learned Knowledge Generation: Creating new knowledge by changing and evolving knowledge based on your experience, education and input from others Knowledge Processing: The activity or process of gathering, collecting or perceiving, analyzing, saving and transmitting knowledge The Foundation of Knowledge model specifically prompts nurses to extend their theoretical and metaphorical knowledge into practical, holistic determinations based on a variety of factors and contexts. Because competencies in informatics include but are not limited to information literacy, computer literacy, and the ability to use strategies and system applications to manage data, knowledge, and information, the ability of nursing students to use computer-mediated communication skills is essential to their success in the nursing field and as a means to improve patient safety. •Organizing conceptual framework for text •Helps to explain the ties between nursing science and informatics and knowledge •Informatics is viewed as a tool for founding knowledge [Show More]

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