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South University - NSG 6020Week 6 PV Integ Study Guide Question And Answers,

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NSG 6020 Week 6 PV Integ Study Guide You are assessing a 59-year-old gas station owner for atherosclerosis in the lower extremities. In which of the following locations would the patient's pain mak... e you concerned for this disease process? A 57-year-old maintenance worker comes to your office for evaluation of pain in his legs. He has smoked two packs per day since the age of 16, but he is otherwise healthy. You are concerned that he may have peripheral vascular disease. Which of the following is part of common or concerning symptoms for the peripheral vascular system? A patient has bilateral pitting edema of the feet. While assessing the peripheral vascular system, the nurse's primary focus should be: A patient has a positive Homans' sign. The nurse knows that a positive Homans' sign may indicate: The major artery that supplies blood to arm To assess the dorsalis pedis artery, the nurse would palpate The nurse is reviewing an assessment of a patient's peripheral pulses and notices that the documentation states that the radial pulses are "2+." The nurse recognizes that this reading indicates what type ofpulse? A.Bounding B.Normal C.Weak D.Absent Which of the following assessment findings is most consistent with clubbing of the fingernails? During an assessment, the nurse notes that a patient's left arm is swollen from the shoulder down to the fingers, with nonpitting edema. The right arm is normal. The patient had a mastectomy 1 year ago. The nurse suspects which problem? Which of the following statements is true regarding the arterial system? When assessing a patient the nurse practitioner documents the left femoral pulse as 0/0-4+. Which of the following findings would the nurse practitioner expect at the dorsalis pedis pulse? Which of the following veins are responsible for most of the venous return in the arm? 1.Deep veins 2.Ulnar veins 3.Subclavian veins [Show More]

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