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MS -37 Susan Weil Hip Fracture-.doc. Questions and rationale answers. Graded A+

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What special precautions need to be in place when caring for a postoperative hip replacement patient? In the initial phase of the postop period, assess vitals, intake and output, monitor resp functio... ns and deep breathing and coughing, administer pain medication, and observe the dressing for signs of bleeding and infection. Asses pts extremities for color, temp, cap refill, distal pulses, edema, sensation, motor function, and pain. SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: • Place a pillow between your legs when you turn on your side • Keep your knees lower than your hips when you are sitting. This can be done by placing a pillow in the chair seat before sitting down • Sit in chairs that have arms to assist you when you get up • Move to the edge of the chair when you get up. Place your good leg well underneath the chair and keep the affected leg in a neutral position. Do not twist your affected leg • Have someone clear wide pathways so it will be easy to pass with a walker • Use a walker in the shower or a bath stool • Consult your Doctor concerning when sexual activities may be resumed • Inform all doctors who care for you now and in the future about your total hip replacement • Continue to do exercises as instructed by the physical therapists • Pain is normally worse at night, a prescription for pain medication may be sent home to take as needed • Avoid open heeled shoes • Take aspirin and Protonix if ordered by your Doctor 2. What signs and symptoms should tell the nurse the patient may need a blood transfusion (list all possible signs and symptoms)? A severe infection or liver disease that stops your body from properly making blood or some parts of blood. An illness that causes anemia, such as kidney disease or cancer. Medicines or radiation used to treat a medical condition also can cause anemia. There are many types of anemia, including aplastic, Fanconi, hemolytic, irondeficiency, and sickle cell anemias and thalassemia. A bleeding disorder, such as hemophilia or thrombocytopenia. This study source was downloaded by 100000773243632 from CourseHero.com on 03-19-2022 01:52:23 GMT -05:00 Simulation Admission Ticket 3. What is the role step by step of a RN and LPN when administering a blood transfusion (from start to finish)?  Verify that an order for the transfusion exists.  Conduct a thorough physical assessment of the patient (including vital signs) to help identify later changes.  Document your findings. Confirm that the patient has given informed consent.  Teach the patient about the procedures associated risks and benefits, what to expect during the transfusion, signs and symptoms of a reaction, and when and how to call for assistance.  Check for an appropriate and patent vascular access.  Make sure necessary equipment is at hand for administering the blood product and managing a reaction, such as an additional free I.V. line for normal saline solution, oxygen, suction, and a hypersensitivity kit.  Be sure you’re familiar with the specific product to be transfused, the appropriate administration rate, and required patient monitoring. Be aware that the type of blood product and patients condition usually dictate the infusion rate. For example, blood must be infused faster in a trauma victim who’s rapidly losing blood than in a 75-year-old patient with heart failure, who may not be able to tolerate rapid infusion.  Know what personnel will be available in the event of a reaction, and how to contact them. Resources should include the on-call physician and a blood bank representative.  Before hanging the blood product, thoroughly double-check the patients identification and verify the actual product. Check the unit to be transfused against patient identifiers, per facility policy.  Infuse the blood product with normal saline solution only, using filtered tubing [Show More]

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