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The patient: A 65 yr old male The situation: the family brings the patient to the emergency room because he just took an entire bottle of pills. The question: what action should the nurse take first... ? - determine the patients level of consciousness The patient: an 80 yr old male who has used continuous oxygen for the past 3 years. The situation: while making a home visit, the wife tells the nurse that her husband was doing well on 2 liters of oxygen per min until late last night when he developed severe shortness of breath on the way to the bathroom. The question: what action should the nurse take first? - assess the patients oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter The patient: 41 y/o male The situation: the patient is complaining of severe stomach pain and states that he has been "vomiting all the time". The question: what should the nurse do first? - administer a prescribed pain medication The patient: the wife of a wealthy owner of towns bank. The situation: the patient and her husband arrive on the unit. While orienting the patient to the hospital room, the nurse notices that the patient has places a large amount of cash and some expensive earrings in the drawer of the bedside table. The question: what is the best action for the nurse to take? - advise the patient to have her husband take the items home when he leaves The patient: A 45 y/o female who is 5`2`` tall, weighs 200 lbs and has smoked since age 21 The situation: the patient comes to the clinic with a complaint of "leg pain" The question: it is most important for the nurse to obtain information about which pervious occurrence? - a pervious blood clot in the leg The patient: 61 y/o female situation: the patient has a fever of unknown origin. The nurse administered a fever-reducing medication 30 mins ago. At this time there has been no decrease in the patients fever. The question: what action would be best for the nurse to take? - sponge the patient with cool water The patient: 70 y/o make who is relatively healthy The situation: a liquid medication is prescribed for this patient The question: prior to administering the prescribed medication, what intervention has the highest priority? - determine if the patient is allergic to the medication the patient: 58 y/o female the situation: while the nurse is offering the patient her morning medication, she tells the nurse she does not recall ever taking a pill that was pink colored. The question: what should the nurse do in response to the patients comment? - withhold the medication until the prescription is verified The patients: 1. 63 y/o with burn on the left lower leg who is complaining of pain. 2. a 45 y/o with pneumonia, complaining of shortness of breath 3. 31 y/o with abdominal pain who has just vomited blood. 4. 88 y/o who has right sided paralysis and wants to be helped to the bathroom immediately Situation: the nurse is caring for these patients The questions: who should the nurse see 1st? - 45 y/o with pneumonia, complaining of shortness of breath (ABCs- Airway, Breathing, Circulation) The patients 1. a 13 y/o female with a kidney infection who reports that there is "lots of blood in her urine". 2. 18 y/o male with acute alcohol poisoning who is seeing "bugs on the walls" 3. a 21 y/o female with inflammatory bowel disease who has soaked dressi [Show More]

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