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ATI PEDIATRICS PROCTORED FINAL EXAM 2019 - 70 Correct Questions & Answers

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ATI PEDIATRICS PROCTORED FINAL EXAM 2019 Question 1 The nurse is caring for a 2-month-old infant at a family clinic. On assessment, the nurse places an object on the infant's palm. Which of the foll... owing by the infant should the nurse expect? • The infant will firmly grasp the object • The infant will tum his head toward the side of the object • The infant will spread his fingers to form a C- Shape • The infant will grasp the object and transfer from hand to hand Question 2 The nurse is providing anticipatory guidance to the parents of a pre-school child. Which of the following statements would be best for the nurse to include? • "Imaginary play in pre-school aged children should be limited in order to enhance concept of reality" • "When describing the concept of time utilize the hands on the face of a clock for appropriate time-telling" • "Pre-school aged children should begin swimming lessons in order to prevent common injury" • "Pre-school aged children should be encouraged to sleep with parents if night terrors are present" Question 3 The nurse in the Pediatric Care Clinic is performing a physical assessment on an adolescent child. The nurse should expect which of the following health screenings to be appropriate to preform? • Denver Screening Test • New Ballard Screening Test • Scoliosis Screening Test • Brigance Test Question 4 [Show More]

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