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HESI Anatomy & Physiology practice test questions and answers. Rated A+

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The engulfing of large particles into the cell is referred to as ____________? - Phagocytosis The engulfing of large amounts of fluids into the cell is referred to as __________? - Pinocytosis T... he release of prolactin during breastfeeding is an example of __________________? - Positive feedback What type of joint is present in the elbow? - Hinge joint. Which is a bodily reaction to the fight or flight response? - The fight or flight response as part of the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for preparing the body against an adverse stimulus. Pupils dilating is an example. Which sequence outlines the correct flow of blood through the heart? - Blood enters the heart on the right side, collecting in the right atrium. After moving through the right ventricle, blood leaves the heart through the pulmonary artery to travel to the lungs to release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. The blood returns to the left side of the heart, through the pulmonary vein, going to the left atrium, then through the mitral valve to the left ventricle. Lastly, the blood leaves the heart through the aorta. [Show More]

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