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Michiko works for a credit union. When a new employee is hired, the manager contacts Michiko to add a new user to the network and to set appropriate permissions for that user. What is Michiko's role... in her organization? Database Administrator Network Engineer Systems Administrator Programming Language Specialist RATIONALE Michiko is a Systems Administrator. The duties of a Systems Administrator vary from one organization to another. Sometimes referred to "sysadmins," Systems Administrators usually install, support, and maintain servers and other computer systems, and plan for and respond to service outages and other problems. CONCEPT Computer Scientists and their Roles 2 Kamal manages his organization's enterprise management system. Which IT role is Kamal most likely performing? Network development and maintenance Information technology support Infrastructure and equipment management This study source was downloaded by 100000773243632 from on 03-29-2022 08:34:22 GMT -05:00 Data management RATIONALE Kamal's role is infrastructure and equipment management. He manages his organization's enterprise management system. Infrastructure management is the management of essential operation components, including policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, to enhance overall efficiency. CONCEPT Information Technology in the Workplace 3 Josephine recently bought an item online. The next time she visited the seller's website, a list of items related to her recent purchase were conspicuously displayed. Josephine is experiencing an example of automation known as __________. online software application automated billing advertising and marketing importing/exporting data RATIONALE Josephine is experiencing advertising and marketing. Most websites use historical data about user behavior to offer products that fit the user's preferences and needs. CONCEPT Process Automation and Computers 4 Tyler works with a software development team at a large healthcare organization. His job is to identify the aspects of the software that must be tested, develop appropriate tests, run those tests, and evaluate the results. What is Tyler's role in the organization? Software Developer Software Project Manager Quality Assurance Analyst RATIONALE This study source was downloaded by 100000773243632 from on 03-29-2022 08:34:22 GMT -05:00 Tyler is a Quality Assurance Specialist. He ensures that all development tasks meet quality criteria through test planning, test execution, quality assurance, and issue tracking. CONCEPT Software Engineers and their Roles 5 All of the following tasks are suitable for automated processes, EXCEPT: Ranji’s tests must occur quickly, to enable scheduling in the future. Devin wants to ensure that her test results are accurate and reliable. Linda must complete several tests and has ample time in which to do so. Parveen has a large budget, and he has other things to accomplish while tests run. RATIONALE Automation is an appropriate option for a process that is scheduled to start at a specific time, or at recurrent times. Automation is also recommended to ensure accurate and reliable test results. It can collect, organize, and manage data related to the test process. However, a manual approach should be considered when only a few tests are necessary, and time is not a factor. CONCEPT The Impacts of Automation 6 When computer users have trouble with their machines or software, Roland is the first person they call for help. Roland helps users with their problems, or refers them to a more-experienced IT employee. Roland holds the position of __________ in the organization. Database Administator Network Administrator Support Analyst Systems Analyst RATIONALE Roland is a Support Analyst. He provides primary technical support to end users, helping them with hardware and software problems. He also responds to, documents, and resolves service tickets in a timely manner. CONCEPT IT Specialists and their Roles 7 This study source was downloaded by 10000 [Show More]

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