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NUR 2058 Dimensions of Nursing Final Exam (A Rated)

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NUR 2058 Dimensions of Nursing Final Exam 1. True or False: Energy Systems in the body are used by both conventional and integrative medicine. False 2. Select the most effective method that nurses... can use to gain power over their practice. Join professional organizations in large numbers. 3. An unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury or the risk thereof serious injury including loss of limbs or function is: Sentinel event 4. What is the purpose of spiritual modes of healing? They enhance comfort and produce an inner peace with disability or death. 5. True or False: QSEN or Quality of Safety Education for Nurses is built on 8 competencies developed by the Department of Health. False 6. Which best describes The Leapfrog Group and its recommendations? The gold standard for comparison of hospital performance 7. A client’s blood pressure of 180/110 mmHg is an example of which of the following? Data 8. With which of the following clients does the nurse determine to be the most appropriate time to discuss their discharge teaching? A client who is quietly reading a book 9. What is the definition of the ethical principle of non-maleficence? Health-care workers avoiding harm to clients 10. These characteristics are difficult to identify, but have an even more profound effect on an individual's cultural identity. Gender issues and residential status 11. Which of the following is a key element to effective education of nursing students? High-quality interpersonal relationships between students and teachers 12. Which of the following would NOT be considered an invasion of privacy: Notifying the police of Mr. Brown’s gunshot wound [Show More]

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