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ACQ 202 Mod 4 Part 1 Test, Questions With Correct Answers.

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ACQ 202 Mod 4 Part 1 Test, Questions With Correct Answers.1) A Government official who obligates the Government on a contract without having sufficient funds to cover that expense has violated the ... . [Select the appropriate public law (i.e., Misappropriation Act, Anti-Deficiency Act, Bona Fide Need) that applies to the use of appropriated funds under specific circumstances.] Anti-Deficiency Act Act Misappropriation Bona Fide Need Rule Reprogramming Thresholds 2) The Army can transfer excess funds from a Procurement appropriation to a Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriation to cover a funding shortfall of $3 million without prior approval of Congress. [Given a funding shortfall, apply the rules governing reprogramming of appropriated funds in each appropriation category to resolve the problem.] True Fals e 3) Select the best statement about the use of Technical Reviews in the current acquisition environment. [Relate the different types of program unique specifications to their appropriate configuration baselines and technical review requirements.] Technical Reviews should be tailored to assess development maturity and risk and to determine readiness to proceed to the next phase. Technical Reviews waste valuable Government and contractor time and should be eliminated to allow more focus on program execution. The same standard set of Technical Reviews should always be conducted on every program to ensure the PM has complete data to support decisions. Technical Reviews are essential since they are vehicles for program problem solving and training new people on the details of the program. 4) What are some of the planning challenges that must be considered when taking commercial items and modifying them for military use (Select all that apply)? [Identify the impact on configuration management when commercial items are used in the system.] Management of government furnished [Show More]

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