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1. Drooping of the upper eyelid is termed: ptosis 2. 8-year-old c/o itching in the right ear & increased in pain when the pinna is pulled, or the tragus is palpated. Exam reveals slight redness in t... he ear canal w/a clear odorless fluid. This could be suggestive of: otitis externa. 3. A localized staphylococcal infection of the hair follicles at the lid margin is suggestive of: a hordeolum 4. What connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx? The proximal end of the eustachian tube 5. When a light beam shines into one pupil causing pupillary constriction in that eye, the term used is: direct reaction to light 6. A Pt is able to recognize distant objects but has difficulty reading a book’s small print. This describes: hyperopia 7. A Pt is able to read a magazine w/o difficulty but cannot distinguish distant objects. This describes: myopia 8. A child presents w/a c/o left earache that worsens w/ head movement. Findings on exam include temp of 102F, cellulitis behind the left ear. These findings are consistent w/: mastoiditis 9. The gradual loss of vision w/a change in color and size of the optic disc is referred to as: glaucoma 10. A nodular protuberance that points backward over the entrance to the ear canal is called the: Tragus 11. Which disorder of the eye can be detected w/the cover-uncover and the Hirschberg test? Strabismus 12. The mouth of a ten-month-old infant has white patches on the mucosa that cannot be removed. These patches are consistent w/: thrush 13. A condition of the sclera that appears as localized ocular inflammation of the episcleral vessels is most likely: episcleritis 14. In order to exam the tongue, ask the Pt to stick out his tongue & w/the examiner’s right hand: grasp the tip of the tongue gently pull it to the left side, and inspect the side of the tongue [Show More]

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