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Chemistry Exam 2:(114Q) (100% Correct Answers Grade A+ 2022)

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Chemistry Exam 2:(114Q) (100% Correct Answers Grade A+ 2022) Question:-What energy change is associated wit the reaction to obtain one mole of H2 from one mole of vapor? A. -425 kJ B. +425 kJ ... C. -436 kJ D. +249 kJ {{Ans}} (D. +249 kJ -When dealing with energy change, you subtract products from reactants.) Question:-_____________ is a measure of the heat required to change the temperature of a substance? A. Melting point B. Specific heat C. Heat of vaporization D. Boiling point {{Ans}} (B. Specific Heat) Question:-The amount of heat required to evaporate a liquid is called? A. heat of combustion B. heat of fusion C. heat of reaction D. heat of vaporization {{Ans}} (D. Heat of vaporization) Question:-Which of he following better represents the three-dimensional structure of water? {{Ans}} (B.) Question:-Water's unique properties, high heat capacity, high density, solid phase less dense than liquid phase can be attributed to... A. the covalent oxygen-hydrogen bonds in the molecule B. the shape of the molecule C. the polarity of the molecules and hydrogen bonding between molecules D. all of the above Answer: D. all of the above) Question:-What percentage of water on the Earth is seawater, and hence, unfit for drinking? A. 3% B. 25% C. 50% D. 97% {{Ans}} (D. 97%) Question:-The high heat of vaporization of water is responsible for... A. Only I B. II and III C. II, III, and IV D. Only IV {{Ans}} (D. Only IV) Question:-The most serious threat to human health from water supplies is? A. bacteria B. chlorinated hydrocarbons C. heavy metals D. nitrates {{Ans}} (A. bacteria) Question:-Dissolved oxygen is added to streams and rivers by... I. aerobic bacteria II. waterfalls and rapids III. decaying algae IV. fertilizer runoff A. Only I B. Only II C. III and IV D. I, II, III, and IV {{Ans}} (B. Only II) Question:-In addition to sewage and other organic contaminants, inorganic chemicals, such as _________ ions from laundry detergents contribute to algae bloom. A. phosphate B. carbonate C. sodium D. calcium {{Ans}} (A. phosphate) Question:-Which of the following human activities contribute significantly to increased water pollution? I. oil spills II. releasing industrial wastes III. pouring household chemicals, outdated medicines, etc. down the drain A. Only I B. II and III only C. I and III only D. I, II, and III {{Ans}} (D. I, II, and III) Question:-PPM and PPB are... A. toxic chemicals B. chlorinated hydrocarbons C. wastewater treatment strategies D. concentration units {{Ans}} (D. Concentration units) Question:-How many atoms are there in 2 moles of water? A. 6.02 x 10^23 B. 1.20 x 10^24 C. 1.81 x 10^24 D. 3.61 x 10^24 {{Ans}} (D. 3.61 x 10^24 [Show More]

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