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NUR 611 EXAM 4 QUESTIONS 5th Edition Questions and Answers Latest 2022 Graded A+

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EXAM 4 QUESTIONS 5th Edition Chapter 24: Structure and Function of the Reproductive Systems Multiple Choice 1. A nurse recalls the major hormonal determinant of sexual differentiation in utero ... is: a. Estrogen b. Progesterone c. Growth hormone d. Testosterone ANS: D Testosterone is necessary for the genital tubercle to differentiate into male genitalia; otherwise, female genitalia develop. 2. A nurse is preparing to teach about puberty. Which information should the nurse include? One substance associated with puberty in males and females is the hormone: a) Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) b) Luteinizing hormone (LH) c) Leptin d) Estrogen ANS: C Leptin is associated with puberty. 3. A nurse is discussing female anatomy. Which body structure contains the openings to the vagina and urinary meatus? a. Vestibule b. Mons pubis c. Introitus d. Perineal body ANS: A The vestibule contains the vagina and the urinary meatus. 4. While preparing to teach the staff about female anatomy, which information should be included? During the years that a woman is more likely to be sexually active, the vagina mucosa is protected from infection by: a) Presence of autoantibodies b) An acidic pH c) Low estrogen levels d) Douching ANS: B The acidic pH protects the vaginal mucosa from infection. 5. When a staff member asks the nurse what the thick middle layer of the uterine wall is called, what is the nurse’s best response? The: a) Epithelial layer b) Endometrium c) Myometrium d) Perimetrium ANS: C The myometrium is the thick, muscular middle layer. It is thickest at the fundus, apparently to facilitate birth. 6. A nurse recalls the _____ is lined with columnar epithelial cells. a. Perimetrium b. Endocervical canal c. Myometrium d. Vagina ANS: B The endocervical canal does not have an endometrial layer, but is lined with columnar epithelial cells. 7. A nurse is preparing to teach about female anatomy. Which information should the nurse include? The female erectile organ that secretes smegma is called the: a) Introitus b) Bartholin glands c) Clitoris d) Labia minora ANS: C 8. A nurse is teaching about the menstrual cycle. Spinnbarkeit mucus is present during which stage of the menstrual cycle? a) Follicular b) Ovulation c) Luteal d) Menstrual ANS: B 9. When the nurse describes the duct that carries the ovum from the ovary to the uterus, what is the nurse discussing? The: a) Isthmus b) Corpus c) Endocervical canal d) Fallopian tube ANS: D 10. A nurse is teaching the staff about female hormones. Which hormone promotes the formation of channels in the mucus of the cervical os to facilitate sperm movement into the uterus? a) LH b) FSH c) Progesterone d) Estrogen [Show More]

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