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ATLS Practice Test 1 1. Which one of the following is the recommended method for initially treating frostbite? a. vasodilators b. anticoagulants c. warm (40°C) water d. padding and elevation e.... application of heat from a hair dryer 2. A 6­year­old boy is struck by an automobile and brought to the emergency department. He is lethargic, but withdraws purposefully from painful stimuli. His blood pressure is 90 mm Hg systolic, heart rate is 140 beats per minute, and his respiratory rate is 36 breaths per minute. The preferred route of venous access in this patient is: a. percutaneous femoral vein cannulation. b. cutdown on the saphenous vein at the ankle. c. intraosseous catheter placement in the proximal tibia. d. percutaneous peripheral veins in the upper extremities. e. central venous access via the subclavian or internal jugular vein. 3. Which one of the following physical findings suggests a cause of hypotension other than spinal cord injury? a. priapism. b. bradycardia. c. diaphragmatic breathing. d. presence of deep tendon reflexes. e. ability to flex forearms but inability to extend them. 4. A young man sustains a gunshot wound to the abdomen and is brought promptly to the emergency department by prehospital personnel. His skin is cool and diaphoretic, and he is confused. His pulse is thready and his femoral pulse is only weakly palpable. The definitive treatment in managing this patient is to: a. administer O­negative blood. b. apply external warming devices. c. control internal hemorrhage operatively. d. apply a pneumatic antishock garment (PASG). e. infuse large volumes of intravenous crystalloid solution. [Show More]

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ATLS-POST AND PRE TEST COMPLETED exam questions with answers |answers outlined| 2021-2023

ATLS-POST AND PRE TEST COMPLETED exam questions with answers |answers outlined| 2021-2023

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