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Test Bank For Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis For Disease In Adults And Children, 5th Edition/SCORE A+

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Chapter 01: Cellular Biology Huether and McCance: Understanding Pathophysiology, 5th Edition Chapter 01: Cellular Biology Test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. A student is observing a cell under the mic rosco... pe. It is observed to have supercoiled DNA with histones. Which of the following would also be observed by the student? ANS: B The cell described is a eukaryotic cell, so it has histones and a supercoiled DNA within its nucleus; thus, the nucleus should be observed. A single circular chromosome is characteristic of prokaryotic cells, which do not have histones. Free-floating nuclear material describes a prokaryotic cell, which would not have a distinct nucleus. Eukaryotic cells have membrane bounded cellular components called organelles. No organelles describes a prokaryotic cell. REF: p. 2 2. A nurse is instructing the staff about cellular functions. Which cellular function is the nurse describing when an isolated cell absorbs oxygen and uses it to transform nutrients to energy? [Show More]

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