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SPCE 680 Final Exam Questions & Answers (2021/2022) complete solutions - Ball State University.

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Chapter 9 Sean has an ASD. He has a difficult time changing his routine, which often causes problems for his father, who has a variable work schedule. Sometimes Sean will throw tantrums, and his fat... her often responds by raising his voice or slamming things around the house. Which dimension of expressed emotion is this family showing? Hostility The most widely accepted mean prevalence rate of ASD as determined by the well-diagnosed CDC study that examined eight-year olds over 14 sites is: 1 in 150 Which of the following statements is true about ADHD? Rates of ADHD fail sharply with age. Jack has trouble sitting still at school. He often fidgets and squirms when he must stay seated for longer periods of time. Jack has trouble waiting his turn to answer questions, often blurting out the answers before the teacher has even finished speaking. What is Jack likely struggling with? ADHD related hyperactivity Each of the following is a dimension of expressed emotion in family interaction that might lead to deterioration in ASD EXCEPT: Rigidity Which of the following statements is NOT true about ASD? Life expectancy unchanged by having ASD. The problem with estimating prevalence rates of Asperger syndrome is: The lack of diagnostic consensus that makes it difficult to reliably assign a person to an AS subtype Brian has an ASD, and he has a difficult time understanding other people’s perspectives. What of the following might help him develop better theory of mild skills? Use of empty talk and thought bubbles added to drawings of photographs of social interaction that Brian fills in with the help of a teacher or therapist. Which of the following is NOT a feature of ADHD inattentiveness at all ages? An inability to wait one’s turn and a penchant for blurting out the answers to questions before the question is finished. Children with early onset epilepsy have an increased risk of: Global developmental delay, inattentiveness, and autistic disorder. CHAPTER 3 The validity of CARS ratings made by other professionals was examined. What was the result? The other professionals ratings were found to correlate with that of clinical directors and with each other According to BRaken what is acceptable level of text reliability IT depends on what the instrument is being used for The ADOS has many similarities to the diagnostic criteria in the DSM-IV. What does the ADOS lack in terms of DSMIV diagnosis? ALL of the above Which ASD rating scale has the smallest comparison group? Social communication questionnaire Why do we describe a persons score as falling within range of values? ALL OF THE ABOVE What form of evaluation is used in the Autism Rating Scale? Rating forms that are filled out by parents evaluating behavior Which of the following is not true about validity? Validity allows us to asses whether we are measuring the same construct over time Test authors have the responsibility to inform users about which of the following All of the above The Social Responsiveness Scale can identify all of the following disorders except: The scale can identify all of the above Which assessment tool had a national standardizatrion sample of children in the US and Cananda? Autism Rating Scale CHAPTER 11 Occurrences of ASD- and ADHD-like traits have been associated with which chromosomal situation? Most chromosomes have been implicated in increased risk of ASD- and ADHD-like traits in some way. A prevalence rate of gastrointestinal symptoms in ASD derived from a sample of children presenting to a gastroenterology clinic may be problematic due to: Selection bias This prevalence rate is not problematic Intra-uterine exposure to which drug contributes to increased risk of ADHD? Marijuana Heroin (pg 276) Reduced empathizing in men with ASD due to testosterone levels in utero is a crucial step in the extreme male brain theory. What is an alternative explanation for reduced empathy in men? Oxytocin theory, which suggests the difference is due to a difference in nonapeptide hormones between men and women Women and gay men show higher levels of empathy because they must navigate difficult social situations more delicately Males with ASD are more likely to have epilepsy than females, which impairs their ability to understand other points of view Both a and b (pg 264) What is the most common cause of androgen insensitivity syndrome? A mutation [Show More]

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