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IHUMAN Management Plan Samantha Higgins - Complete Solutions (Graded A+)

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Problem Statement: I-Human Management Plan Based upon initial neurologic examination in ED Samantha Higgins is in Grade 2 (severe headache, stiff neck, no neurologic deficit except cranial nerve pa... lsy) according to Hunt and Hess grading system for Problem Lists: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Migraine History of HTN/Family Hx HTN (Mom) History of Bell’s Palsy History of Tension Headache Status/Condition: Critical Code Status: Full Code Allergies: NKDA Admit to Unit: ICU Activity Level: Bedrest Diet: NPO except medication Critical Drips: None Respiratory: 2L/NC titrate to RA keep O2 saturation >92% Medications: Keppra, Labetalol, Tylenol, Morphine Sulfate, Colace Lab Tests : Diagnostic testing: Head CT scan Plan : Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - Labetalol 10 mg IVP Q8H PRN for SBP >160mmHg, hold if HR <60 - Administer Nimodipine 60mg PO Q4H – if permit by Neuro Surgeon (Singer, Olgivy, & Rordorf, 2019) - Start on Keppra 1000mg IV now, then 500 mg IV Q8H for seizure prophylaxis - Start IVF NS@100ml/hr – to maintain euvolemia - Pa [Show More]

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by ehartmanrn · 2 years ago

It isn't even the complete guide to this ihuman assignment. And I paid for it. Rip off.


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