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The administrator of a hospital conducted a survey among patients in the cardiology wing to determine service levels of the nursing staff in the hospital. Which of the following explains how the res... ults of the survey could be biased?  The sample does not include the doctors of the hospital.  The sample does not include all the patients in the hospital.  The sample does not include the board members of the hospital.  The sample does not include the staff members of the hospital. RATIONALE Since the patients asked are only from the cardiology unit, it might not represent patients in all sections of the hospital. It would be better to include all areas of the hospital. CONCEPT Bias 2 The following shows the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the years 2000-2005. All of the values use a reference year of 1983. Which of the following is true about the CPI, based on the information?  $100 in 2000 would be equivalent to $183.70 in 2003.  $100 in 2001 would have been worth 189.70 in 1983.  $100 in 1983 would be equivalent to $172.40 in 2000.  $100 in 2005 would be equivalent to $194.50 in 1983. RATIONALE Recall the CPI gives us a measure of price changes over time and allows us to transform values in one year to another. The value of the CPI in the base year is 100. This means that for $100 in 1983 is equivalent to$172.4 in 2000. CONCEPT Index Number and Reference Value 3 Jenae noticed that many of her co-workers would opt for the coffee that appeared to be most recently brewed, regardless of the flavor of the coffee offered. This leads her to believe that what she was witnessing was not really representative of everyone's true flavor preferences. She adapted her experimental study accordingly. Select one control in Jenae's experimental study.  Jenae monitors the habits of the co-workers who do not drink coffee.  Jenae uses different locations in the kitchen for the coffee pots.  Jenae places condiments at random places throughout the kitchen.  Jenae makes sure that the coffee in different pots is brewed at the same time. RATIONALE In an experiment, controls are when conditions are manipulated by the experimenter to keep conditions as consistent as possible. In this example Jenae brews coffee at the same time, so this is a control. CONCEPT Experimental Design 4 In a survey of small business owners, a response to which of the following questions would be qualitative?  How many businesses do you own?  What type of business do you own?  How long have you owned a business?  How much did your business have in profits last year? [Show More]

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