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AQA GCSE BIOLOGY 8461/1F Paper 1F Mark scheme Specimen (set 2)/Best score

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Important – please note Mark schemes are prepared by the Lead Assessment Writer and considered, together with the relevant questions, by a panel of subject teachers. It must be stressed that a ma... rk scheme is a working document. This mark scheme has not been through the full standardisation process. The standardisation process ensures that the mark scheme covers the students’ responses to questions and that every associate understands and applies it in the same correct way. Assumptions about future mark schemes on the basis of one year’s document should be avoided; whilst the guiding principles of assessment remain constant, details will change, depending on the content of a particular examination paper. The Information to Examiners is included as a guide to how the mark scheme will function as an operational document. The layout has been kept consistent so that future operational mark schemes do not appear different from these test materials. If the printing process in your school alters the scale of a diagram, measure the values on your printed papers and mark the scripts accordingly. [Show More]

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