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NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz Test Bank #1 (75 Questions And Answers)/Complete solution

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NCLEX-RN Practice Quiz Test Bank #1 (75 Questions) NCLEXRN-01-001 Question Tag: hypertension Question Category: Physiological Integrity, Reduction of Risk Potential Which individual is at greates... t risk for developing hypertension?  A. 45-year-old African-American attorney  B. 60-year-old Asian-American shop owner  C. 40-year-old Caucasian nurse  D. 55-year-old Hispanic teacher Correct Answer: A: 45-year-old African American attorney  Option A: African-Americans develop high blood pressure at younger ages than other groups in the US. Researchers have uncovered that African-Americans respond differently to hypertensive drugs than other groups of people. They are also found out to be more sensitive to salt, which increases the risk of developing hypertension.  Option B: The incidence of hypertension in Asian-Americans does not appear to be significantly higher than the general population, according to limited US data.  Option C: The racial disparity in hypertension and hypertensionrelated outcomes has been recognized for decades with AfricanAmericans with greater risks than Caucasians.  Option D: Hypertension prevalence rates in Hispanics may vary by gender and country of origin. Hispanic Americans overall have relatively low levels of hypertension, despite elevated levels of diabetes and obesity. NCLEXRN-01-002 [Show More]

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