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AAMA Test Bank - 200 Questions Answered_ 2022. For purposes of collections control, how often should the medical assistant verify the patient's demographic data? A. When the patient changes insu... rance carriers B. When the patient's account is delinquent C. Once a year D. When the patient's account statement is returned as undeliverable E. On each visit Which of the following describes a surgical procedure that connects the common bile duct with the middle portion of the small intestines? A. Choledochoenterostomy B. Choledochostomy C. Choledocholithotomy D. Choledochoduodenostomy E. Choledochojejunostomy Which of the following is the most important reason a written consent is required prior to using e-mail to communicate with a patient? A. If the patient is not expecting e -mail from the office, the message may be directed to a SPAM folder. B. The office must be sure to have a current e -mail address. C. E-mail is not considered a secure form of communication. D. The patient may not have a computer. E. So the office can receive confirmation of receipt of the e-mail. Which of the following is an antihistamine used in the treatment of allergic reactions? A. Trimethoprim with sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim) B. Phenylephrine HCL -(Neosynephrine) C. lndomethacin (lndocin) D. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) E. Propranolol (lnderal) Which of the following would describe the correct term when an insurance claim is submitted with an invalid procedure code? A. Paid B. Appealed C. Rejected D. Denied E. Suspended Which of the following would be appropriate to include in a patient information brochure? A. Payment and billing information B. Diseases and diagnostic codes common to the practice C. Statistics on the success of the practice D. Employees• names and telephone numbers E. Physician's fees for various procedures When filing an insurance claim for an appendectomy, which of the following is the most appropriate reference source for locating the surgical code? A. International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification (ICD-CM) B. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) C. Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS) D. Relative Value Scale (RVS) E. Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) Which of the following best describes a condition resulting in a sudden discharge of electrical activity in the brain that results in seizures? A. Herpes zoster B. Alzheimer's disease C. Parkinson's disease D. Epilepsy E. Bell's palsy Which of the following is a suture material that is absorbable? A. Dacron B. Catgut C. Nylon D. Silk Which of the following describes a state statute that sets the requirements for licensure of physicians? A. Medical Practice Act B. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act {HIPAA) C. Statute of Frauds D. National Health Planning & Resource Development Act E. Patients' Bill of Rights Which of the following medical specialties includes the study of the diseases and treatment of the male reproductive system? A. Oncology B. Rheumatology C. Proctology D. Nephrology E. Urology Which of the following conditions is consistent with an increased presence of bacteria and white blood cells in a clean-catch urine specimen? A. A kidney stone B. A urinary tract infection C. Diabetic ketoacidosis D. Renal tubular degradation E. Renal cell carcinoma Which of the following body structures is examined during a cystoscopy? A. Stomach B. Uterus C. Rectum D. Bladder E. Kidney Which of the following demonstrates voluntary muscle actions? A. Heart beat B. Peristalsis C. Pupil dilation D. Breathing E. Flexion Which of the following is the proper cleansing technique with the alcohol pad when preparing the skin for an injection? A. Wipe in an "S" movement across the injection site B. Wipe in a recurring circular motion over the injection site starting out and moving inward C. Move the wipe vertically going from left to right across the injection site, starting pproximately one inch from the injection site D. Wipe horizontally beginning three inches above the injection site and ending three inches below the site E. Wipe in a circular motion beginning at the injection site and moving outward Which of the following characteristics would enable a medical assistant to effectively communicate with patients? A. Discrimination B. Judgmental C. Biases D. Impartiality E. Stereotyping Which of the following is a function of the olfactory nerve? A. Tasting B. Smelling C. Hearing D. Vision E. Touching Which of the following information is found on the patient registration form? A. Social and occupational history B. Laboratory results from another physician C. Name of the person to contact in an emergency D. Patient allergies E. Use of alcohol or drugs Which of the following is the process of observing a patient to detect signs of disease? A. Auscultation B. Inspection C Percussion D. Palpation E. Mensuration After examining a competent adult patient who was bitten by a wild animal, the physician advises the patient to have a series of rabies injections. The patient refuses to undergo the injections and leaves the office. Which of the following actions should be taken by the practice? A. Notify the local medical society. B. Notify the physician's malpractice insurance carrier. C. Send a certified letter to the patient outlining the consequences. D. Notify the police. E. Send a certified letter to the patient's family with a copy to the patient. Which of the following is the correct format for a name on an inside address? Incorrect: A. Mr. William Brown, M.D. B. Brown, Dr. William C. Dr. William Brown, M.D. D. William Brown, M.D. E. Brown, William, M.D. Which of the following terms describes an abnormal posterior curvature of a patient's spine? A. Ankylosis B. Lordosis C. Spondylosis D. Scoliosis E. Kyphosis According to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding rules, a new patient is one who has not received professional services from the physician or a qualified health care professional in the practice of the exact same specialty and subspecialty for a MINIMUM of how many years? A. 1 year B. 2 years C. 3 years D. 4 years E. 5 years Which of the following conditions would most likely result in unequal pupils? A Drug overdose B. Cerebrovascular accident C. Diabetic coma D. Cardiac arrest E. Tonic-clonic seizure Which of the following terms refers to a disease process that has no defined course and is of unknown origin? A. Diastolic B. Biologic C. Etiologic D. Idiopathic E. Symbiotic Which of the following is the most important information to obtain when determining the urgency of a patient's need for an appointment? A. Duration, intensity, and nature of problem B. Diagnosis from the most recent treatment by any physician C. Address and telephone number D. Date and reason for the last visit E. The patient's medication list An Advance Beneficiary Notice is required in which of the following cases? A. A retired Air Force veteran who needs a referral to a surgeon's office B. A Medicaid-eligible patient who is pregnant but does not yet have coverage C. A Medicare patient has a procedure or test that may not be covered by Medicare D. The patient is Medicare-eligible, but has not yet received his Medicare card E. A workers' compensation case where it is questionable whether the injury occurred at work Which of the following is the neurotransmitter necessary for the transmission of the electrical impulse from a nerve to a muscle? A. Calcium B. Acetylcholine C. Potassium D. Sodium E. Epinephrine Which of the following pairs of words are synonymous? A. Cephalgia and stroke B. Micturition and urination C. Dysphagia and difficult breathing D. Herpes simplex and shingles E. Coryza and heart Which of the following positions requires the patient to lie on the left side with the left arm behind the body, the right leg flexed sharply upward, and the left knee slightly flexed? A. Trendelenburg B. Fowler C. Sims D. Prone E. Lithotomy Which of the following suffixes means "incision into"? A. -plasty B. -stomy C. -ctomy D. -tomy E. -scopy Which of the following laboratory test results should be brought to the immediate attention of the physician? A. Fasting triglycerides 150 mg/di B. Hemoglobin 14 g/dl C. White blood cell count of 9,900/microliter D. Fasting total cholesterol 200 mg/di E. Fasting glucose 40 mg/di To confirm a fracture of the distal forearm, the physician would view an x-ray study of which of the following body parts? A. Radius and ulna B. Tibia and fibula C. Calcaneus and malleolus D. Femur and patella Incorrect: E. Carpal and metacarpal What is the total magnification of a specimen using a microscope with ocular lenses of 10X and a low power objective lens of 10X? A. SX B. 10X C. 1 ooox D. 40X E. 1 OOX Which of the following is another term for "adipose"? A. Lymph B. Tendon C. Muscle D. Skin E. Fat An operation to correct pyloric stenosis would be performed on which o f the following systems? A. Musculoskeletal B. Urinary C. Cardiovascular D. Reproductive E. Digestive Which of the following is the meaning of the combining form "salping / o"? A. Small intestine B. Pyloric sphincter C. Fallopian tube D. Urinary bladder E. Salivary gland The price for a kit of 10 pregnancy tests is $35. If ordered in quantities of three kits or more, the price of 1 O pregnancy tests is $30. What is the unit cost per test if 40 tests are ordered? A 30 B. 3.5 C. 4 D. 10 E. 3 Which of the following is a common side effect of thiazide diuretics? A. Hyperchloremia B. Hypokalemia C. Hypoglycemia D. Hypernatremia E. Hypouricemia Which of the following types of shock is the result of an antigen-antibody reaction? A. Anaphylactic B. Neurogenic C. Psychogenic D. Hypovolemic E. Cardiogenic Which of the following is a written document that names a person as a proxy responsible for making medical decisions on behalf of a patient who is unable to do so for himself/herself? A. Living will B. Do not resuscitate order C. Durable power of attorney for health care D. Patient Bill of Rights E. Organ donor card Which of the following is contained in the reference book Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)? A. Descriptive terms used for reporting physician services B. Drug administration regulations for physicians' offices C. Governmental regulations for laboratory procedures D. Medical record keeping requirements E. Codes for diagnoses When are co-payments due from patients with managed-care plans typically collected? A Before the patient comes in for an office visit B. After all test results are reviewed with the patient C. At the time a patient is sent a statement D. At the time services are rendered E. Co-payments are not typically collected from patients with managed-care plans Exophthalmos is a sign of which of the following conditions? A. Cholelithiasis B. Endometriosis C. Pancreatitis D. Hyperthyroidism E . Emphysema Which of the following suffixes refers to eating? A. -phonia B. -phasia C. -phagia D. -ptosis E. -algia Of the following terms, which is a plane that divides the anterior portion of the body from the posterior portion? A. Frontal or coronal B. Median C. Transverse D. Proximal E. Sagittal Which of the following is the time frame in which a Mantoux (PPD) TB test should be read? A. 2 to 6 hours B. 7 to 12 hours C. 13 to 24 hours D. 25 to 36 hours E. 48 to 72 hours The following codes were submitted to a private insurance company for reimbursement for an established patient with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus who was seen in the office. The patient had a blood test to check his glycosylated hemoglobin. (A1c) level and a detailed history and physical examination (level 4 Evaluation and Management service) for circulatory problems. Diagnosis Code: D51.0 pernicious anemia) CPT 99214 level 4 established patient EM service CPT 83036 glycosylated(A1c) hemoglobin This insurance claim would most likely be denied due to which of the following reasons? A. Lack of appropriate modifier B. Lack of demonstrating medical necessity C. Lack of appropriate HCPCS code D. Unbundling of charges E. Upcoding Which of the following individuals can receive invasive medical treatment without a signed consent form? A. A patient aged 65 years or over B. An unconscious patient whose life is in danger C. An emancipated minor D. A minor E. An adult patient needing general anesthesia Which of the following is the principal reason for scrubbing instruments with soap and water prior to autoclaving? Incorrect: A. Prevent lime deposits B. Prevent corrosion C. Keep the sterilizer clean D. Remove coagulated proteins E. Follow standard precautions Which of the following steps should be taken for a patient who faints and slumps to the floor? A. Roll the patient onto his abdomen to avoid aspiration B. Keep the patient's head and shoulder flat and raise the legs C. Place the patient in the sitting position D. Place a pillow under the patient's head and shoulders, keeping the feet and legs flat E. Roll the patient onto his right side According to OSHA regulations, which of the following would be an example of an engineering control? A. Not eating or drinking in areas where blood and body fluids are present B. Not recapping contaminated needles C. Hand washing D. Wearing personal protective equipment E. Biohazard sharps container Which of the following legal terms means "the thing speaks for itself"? A. Medical negligence B. Subpoena duces tecum C. Res ipsa loquitur D. Nonfeasance E. Tort Which of the following is a suffix referring to pain? A -clynia B. -malacia C. -orexia D. -penia E. -acusis Patients are most likely to remember instructions when the medical assistant uses which of the following educational methods? A. The instructions are written. B. Instructions are discussed at length face to face. C. Detailed instructions are repeated several times on a video. D. Medical terms are emphasized. E. The most important information is saved for last. The timing of an autoclave load should begin when the proper pressure is reached and which of the following is achieved? A. The autoclave door is hot to the touch B. The desired temperature is reached C. Steam begins to flow from the exhaust valve D. The preheat period has begun E. The door is secured tightly Which of the following is the best course of action for the medical assistant to take when responding to a call from a patient who had an intramuscular injection earlier in the day and who now reports weakness in that arm? A. Obtain as much information as possible, explaining to the patient that the doctor will be advised and the call returned. B. Tell the patient to keep a heating pad on the arm and take two aspirin. C. Make an appointment for the patient and inform the physician of the problem. D. Refer the patient to a neurologist for evaluation. E. Explain to the patient that this is a normal reaction and if the weakness does not improve in a few days, call back. The statement shown below should be documented under which of the following headings in a patient's medical record? ·1 drink one small glass of wine each evening before dinner." A. Chief complaint B. History of present illness C. Social history D. Past medical history E. Family history Which of the following anatomical terms are in direct opposition to each other? A Medial and proximal B. Superior and cephalic C. Lateral and distal D. Ventral and dorsal E. Frontal and coronal The process of tapping the body to detect signs of disease is known as which of the following? A. Mensuration B. Percussion C. Palpation D. Auscultation E. Inspection Which of the following actions should be taken by the medical assistant when a patient calls the office wanting to make payment arrangements after his account has been turned over to a collection agency? A. Refer the patient to the collection agency B. Tell the patient the office can accept only the total amount due plus the agency fee C. Tell the patient to come to the office to fill out a Truth in Lending Form D. Advise the patient that you can accept payments, but they must be made in cash E. Set up a payment schedule over the phone The blood pressure that the medical assistant has just taken is significantly higher than the readings taken on the same patient during past examinations. Which of the following is the first step the medical assistant should take to ensure the validity of the reading? A. Tell the patient to relax and retake the pressure immediately B. Call the physician to the room to immediately retake the patient's blood pressure. C. Ask the patient if he has had a recent blood pressure test and what the reading was. D. Ask another medical assistant to take the patient's blood pressure. E. Take the other vital signs and recheck the blood pressure after a few minutes. Which of the following would be administered to relieve mild insulin shock in a conscious patient? A. Orange juice B. An antihistamine C. Insulin D. Epinephrine E. An oral hypoglycemic Which of the following is the most appropriate reference source for locating a code for chronic bronchitis for the purpose of scheduling a chest x-ray? A. International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification (ICD-CM) B. Health Care Financing Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) C. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) D. Relative Value Scale (RVS) E. Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) Which of the following situations would legally require an agent to consent to medical treatment on behalf of the patient? A. A 1 6 -year old pregnant self supporting female B. A 25-year-old woman needing chemotherapy C. A 17-year-old male in the military services D. A 9 2 -year-old mentally competent man E. A 2 1 -year-old man in a coma Which of the following is used for holding and transporting medications, equipment and supplies needed to perform life-saving procedures? A. Gurney table B. Autoclave C. JV tray D. Crash cart E. Surgical kit Which of the following medical specialists is most likely to interpret the results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? A. Radiologist B. Gynecologist C. Dermatologist D. Cardiologist E. Hematologist If the employer wants to talk simultaneously with three other physicians in other cities, the medical assistant would arrange which of the following? A. A person-to-person call B. An appointment call C. A conference call D. A sequence call E. A third-party billing call Which of the following is a medication used in the treatment of Type II diabetes? A Thioridazine (Mellaril) B. Furosemide (Lasix) C. Cimetidine (Tagamet) D. Metformin (Glucophage) E. Zocor (Simvastatin) Which of the following methods of examination would be used to determine a patient's chest size increase from 36 to 42 inches during inspiration? A. Palpation B. Auscultation C. Inspection D. Percussion E. Mensuration Which of the following is a laboratory test that can be used to measure the inflammatory response in the body? A. Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) B. Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) C. Hematocrit (HCT) D. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) E. C-reactive protein (CRP) Laboratory results indicating an increase in the creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels are consistent with damage to which of the following body systems? A. Respiratory B. Nervous C. Cardiovascular D. lntegumentary E. Urinary Which of the following should be the first action of the medical assistant if a patient sitting on the examination table complains of feeling faint? A Have the patient move to a comfortable chair with a straight back for support B. Offer the patient a drink of cool water C. Place a pillow behind the patient's back D. Administer oxygen E. Assist the patient to a supine position Which of the following is a common effect of Toprol XL (metoprolol)? Incorrect: A Hypokalemia B. Hypernatremia C. Bradycardia D. Chloasma E. Hypertension Which of the following terms refers to the movement of the arm when a patient brings the wrist up to the same shoulder? A. Supination B. Pronation C Extension D. Flexion E. Rotation Which of the following is a diagnostic procedure in which there is internal visualization of the urinary bladder? A. Cystography B. Pyelography C. Nephrostomy D. Urethral dilation E. Cystoscopy Which of the following is known as the pacemaker of the heart? A. Bundle of His B. Atrioventricular node C. Bundle branches D. Purkinje fibers E. Sinoatrial node Which of the following is the term for an abnormal increase of white blood cells in urine? A. Oliguria B. Hematuria C Pyuria D. Anuria E. Dysuria Which of the following is a physician who spedalizes in the treatment of patients with disorders affecting bones and joints? A. Ophthalmologist B. Orthopedist C. Neurologist D. Pulmonologist E. Nephrologist Which of the following microscopic urine constituents contains a visible nucleus when viewed under the high power objective (400x total magnification) on the microscope? A. White blood cell B. Yeast C. Cast D. Bacteria E. Red blood cell Which of the following describes proper technique in handling sterile items? A. When using wet transfer forceps, the tips may be dried by tipping them upside down two or three times. B. When pouring sterile solutions, the neck of the bottle should rest on the rim of the container you are pouring into. C. When taking a lid off a sterile jar, the lid should be set face down on the counter. D. When opening sterile packs with four flaps, the first flap should be opened away from your body. E. When opening sterile packs that are folded with four flaps, open directly over the sterile field. Which of the following incoming telephone calls is most likely to require the physician's immediate attention? A. Call placed by another physician B. Call from an equipment salesperson to schedule a meeting C. Call from a patient to ask for a prescription refiII D. Call from a patient to schedule an appointment E. Call from a patient to request laboratory test results Which of the following best describes information gained as a result of the physician-patient relationship? A. Respondeat superior B. Professional liability C. Res ipsa loquitur D. Confidential communication E. Informed consent An age analysis of accounts receivable is a valuable process in which of the following? A. Financial management B. A medical record system C. An appointment control system D. A patient census E. A study of referral patterns Which of the following is the nerve that stimulates the diaphragm? A. Vagus B. Phrenic C. Sciatic D. Trochlear E. Accessory Which of the following positions would be appropriate for a patient with severe emphysema who is waiting to be examined by the physician? A. Supine B. Fowler C. Sims D. Knee-chest E. Trendelenburg Which of the following complimentary closings is most appropriate for business correspondence? A. Sincerely, B. As ever, C Fondly, D. Faithfully yours, E. Thanks, Which of the following terms describes the telescoping of the intestine into itself? A. Volvulus B. Obstipation C. Deglutition D. Herniation E. lntussusception Which of the following is a vasodilator most commonly used to ease the pain of angina? A. Coumadin B. Digitalis C. Nitroglycerin D. Codeine E. Aspirin Bills are never submitted to a patient who is being treated while under which of the following insurance plans? A. Medicare part A B. TriCare C. Worker's Compensation D. Blue Cross and Blue Shield E. Medicare part B Which of the following types of white blood cells would most likely be increased above the normal level in a patient with appendicitis? A. Eosinophil B. Neutrophil C. Monocyte D. Basophil E. Lymphocyte The criteria of establishing "duty owed, dereliction of duty, direct cause, and damages" are used in reference to which of the following situations? A. Revoking a medical license B. Keeping a patient on life support systems C. Providing emergency treatment to a comatose patient D. Proving negligence E. Terminating a physician-patient contractual relationship Which of the following substances is produced by the beta cells in the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas? A Bile B. Insulin C. Amylase D. Hydrochloric acid E. Pepsin A patient needing cataract surgery could be referred appropriately to which of the following health care providers? A. Optometrist B. Otorhinolaryngologist C Ophthalmologist D. Oncologist E. Optician Which of the following is the vein that returns the blood to the heart from parts of the body below the diaphragm? A. Brachiocephalic vein B. Subclavian vein C. Axillary vein D. Superior vena cava E. Inferior vena cava Which of the following liquids would be used for steam autoclaving? A. Tap water with baking soda B. Distilled water C Tap water D. Vinegar and water E. Sterile water Which of the following muscles is most appropriate for the administration of a 2 ml intramuscular injection in an adult? A. Deltoid B. Dorsogluteal C. latissimus dorsi D. Vastus lateralis E. Rectus abdominis Which of the following best describes a letter format that uses a subject line and eliminates both the salutation and the complimentary close? A. Block B. Full block C. Modified block D. Simplified E. Semi-block Which of the following best describes the arranging of a 12 page document into 10 different copies for a medical staff meeting? A. Collating B. Paginating C. Indexing D. Disseminating E. Abstracting Of the following, which would be used to check visual acuity in the medical office? A. Opthalmometer B. Snellen chart C. Ophthalmoscope D. Tonometer E. Ergometer In which of the following situations might a physician be held liable under the Doctrine of respondeat superior? A. An intern observing a physician in the operating room discusses the surgery and patient outside of the hospital with friends. B. The medical assistant helps a patient take her home medications while the patient is at the office. The patient is given 2 (two) 500 mg. tablets of Metformin instead of 1 (one) 500 mg. C. The physician renders emergency care to a patient on the roadside while on vacation. D. The physician writes a prescription, but the pharmacist compounds it incorrectly. E. The hospital housekeeping staff did not clean up a spill and a patient fell as a result. A physician's private fee schedule is derived from which of the following? A. Governmental schedules This does not determine the physician's private fee schedule. B. Statement of income and expense C. Insurance reimbursements D. Patients' payments E. Physician's charges Which of the following medications is a controlled substance? A. Amlodipine (Norvasc) B. Atenolol (Tenormin) C. Trazodone HCI (Desyrel) D. Furosemide (Lasix) E. Hydrocodone wit h APAP Which of the following is an alternative method of resolving legal disputes between a physician and a patient that does not involve the court system? A. Common law B. Medical peer review C. Arbitration. D. Informed consent E. Burden of proof The physician orders 75 mg of medication to be given intramuscularly. The medication is available in 50mg/ml vials. Which of the following is the correct dose to be administered? A. 0.5 ml B. 0.75 ml C. 1.5 ml D. 1.75 ml E. 1.0 ml Which of the following is a part of the physical examination that best describes a test of the reflexes? A. Listening to bowel sounds through the abdomen wall B. Stimulating the outer margin of the sole of the foot C. Tapping the posterior chest wall D. swallowing while the physician feels the thyroid gland E. Asking the patient to say "Ahh" Warfarin (Coumadin) is categorized as which of the following types of medications? A. Antipruritic B. Antiviral C. Antipyretic D. Antiemetic E. Anticoagulant Which of the follow is a suffix for "hardening"? A. -megaly B. -sclerosis C. -osis D. -ectasis E. -itis A mother calls regarding her teenage son who has had a chemistry experiment blow up in his face. Which of the following should the mother be instructed to do prior to transporting her son for medical care? A. Rinse his face and eyes with a salt solution to neutralize the chemicals B. Cover his facial wounds with a soothing cream such as petroleum C Rinse his face and eyes with water for at least 15 minutes D. Place a sterile wet compress over his eyes and face E. Do nothing until the chemical has been identified by the poison control center Which of the following would help a patient to relax his abdominal musculature for an abdominal examination? A. Flex the patient's knees B. Place a pillow under the patient's lower back C. Position the patient on his side D. Hold the patient's head still E. Cross the patient's legs at the ankles Which of the following is a laboratory test for kidney function? A Creatinine B. ALT (alanine aminotransferase) C. FBS (fasting blood sugar) D. HDL (high density lipoprotein) E. PSA (prostate specific antigen) Upon accepting a patient for treatment, the physician has a duty to do which of the following? A. Possess the highest degree of skill possible. B. Provide services similar to that of other physicians with the same level of training who provide the same service. C. Guarantee a successful result if an operation is performed. D. Restore the patient to the same condition as before treatment began. E. Be free from errors in judgment. Which of the following patients should be seen first if the physician has just arrived and several patients are waiting to be seen? A. A patient complaining of chest pain radiating to the jaw B. A patient scheduled for a medicine recheck C. A patient with a newly found breast lump D. A patient who is reporting burning and pain on urination E. A patient with a severely swollen ankle Which of the following factors must exist to constitute a lawful emergency pertaining to consent? A The patient reports being involved in a bicycle accident and appears to have a fractured femur. B. An adult patient has sustained significant blood loss postoperatively and refuses a blood transfusion C. The patient is intoxicated and is threatening suicide D. The patient is a paraplegic and refuses care following a head contusion sustained in an automobile accident. E. The patient is a minor who has a broken arm and is admitting to recent use of illegal street drugs. Which of the following types of examinations would be performed to hear a heart murmur? A. Inspection B. Palpation C. Percussion D. Mensuration E. Auscultation Morphine and Demerol are classified in which of the following categories of drugs? A. Anticonvulsants B. Analgesics C. Antihistamines D. Emetics E. Anticholinergics Which of the following routes of drug administration will permit the most rapid pharmacologic effect? A. Subcutaneous B. Intravenous C. Buccal D. Sublingual E. Intramuscular Which of the following is most appropriate to protect the privacy of the patient when sending a fax that includes personal information about a patient? A. Use a unique number to identify the patient. B. Shred the transmission report. C. Send the patient's information between two blank pages. D. Include a cover page with a confidentiality statement. E. Omit the subject on the cover page. Diagnosis related groups {DRGs) are the basis of reimbursement for which of the following? A. Hospital care B. Physicians services C. Hospice care D . Nursing home care E. Durable medical equipment Which of the following can only be detected in urine by microscopic examination? A. Protein B. Glucose C. Casts D. Bilirubin E. Ketones Which of the following is a primary function of oxytocin? A. Enhances nutrient absorption through the placenta to the fetus B. Causes uterine contractions C. Decreases the production of breast milk D. Promotes the growth of breast tissue E. Prevents nausea during pregnancy A patient with cyanosis, cool clammy skin, hypotension, altered consciousness, rapid pulse and rapid breathing would be exhibiting signs of which of the following conditions? A. Heat stroke B. Shock C. Stroke D. Hypothermia E. Obstructed airway Which of the following substances would be the best choice for soaking a bandage that is adhered to a wound? A. Alcohol B. Betadine solution C. Benzoin D. Normal saline E. Acetone Which of the following would be decreased when a patient mails a check to the clinic to pay for services previously rendered? A. Income statement B. Balance sheet C. Accounts receivable D. Accounts payable E. Disbursement account Which of the following best describes the care of instruments when performing chemical disinfection? A. Immerse only the tips of the instruments in the solution. B. Line the container with sterile gauze before adding instruments. C. Dry instruments prior to placing in the chemical solution. D. Place the chemical solution and instruments in an open container. E. Rinse instruments in hot water for cleansing prior to chemical disinfection. A physician informs the medical assistant that the practice will no longer treat a patient who refuses to be compliant with the prescribed medical advice or treatment plan. Of the following, which is the next step in this process? A. Schedule the patient with a partner the next time an appointment is requested. B. Telephone the patient and explain the situation. C. Send a letter of formal withdrawal to the patient by certified mail. D. Change the patient's medical records to reflect inactive status and have no further contact with the patient. E. Send the medical record to the patient by registered mail Which of the following may occur in children who are treated with aspirin for a viral infection? A. Muscular dystrophy B. Cytomegalovirus infection {CMV) C. Reye·s syndrome D. Toxic shock syndrome E. Infectious mononucleosis Which of the following is an insurance program funded by both federal and state governments that provides for health care services based on income guidelines? A. Medicare B. TriCare C. Medicaid D. Health Maintenance Organization E. Blue Shield A physician who has a contract with a company to treat employees for injuries sustained on the job is legally bound to treat which of the following individuals? A. Employees injured on the job when referred by the company B. The families of employees who have been treated for on-the-job injuries C. All employees of the company D. An employee, previously treated for an on-the-job injury, for a routine illness. E. Any employee who chooses to be treated by that physician Which of the following describes ·adduction? A. Decreasing the angle between bones B. Circular motion of a limb C. Movement of a bone around its central axis D. Increasing the angle between bones E. Movement of a body part toward the body's midline Which of the following is the first information the medical assistant should request to help determine the urgency of scheduling a patient who telephones requesting a same-day appointment? A. Name, address, telephone number and age B. Whether anything makes the problem better or worse C. Date of last visit and previous history of the stated problem D. Nature, onset, duration, and intensity of the problem E. The appointment time that is most convenient for the patient Which of the following hormones is secreted by the adrenal cortex? A. Somatrophin B. Aldosterone C. Thyroxin D. Insulin E. Oxytocin Which of the following is a description for the term "alopecia"? A. Depigmentation of the skin B. Night blindness C. Loss of epidermis D. Abnormal hairiness E. Absence of hair Checks received on account should be stamped for endorsement at which of the following times? A. When they are submitted to the bank B. At the time they are entered in the deposit book C. Immediately D. After they are posted to the account E. At the end of each day Which of the following arteries is most often used for assessing the pulse on a conscious patient? A. Brachia! B. Temporal C. Femora I D. Dorsalis pedis E. Radial Which of the following is a suffix that denotes destruction? A. -pexy B. -ectomy C. -orrhaphy D. -lysis E. -plasty Which of the following is a procedure performed by opening the colon to the abdominal surface? A. Cholecystectomy B. Colectomy C. Gastrostomy E. Colostomy Which of the following is an appropriate action for improving cross-cultural communication with patients? A Using medical terms along with pictures or diagrams from a current medical text book to assist communication. B. Creating a fast-paced atmosphere so that the patient can complete the visit quickly. C. Holding strong opinions and judgements regarding how people should dress in an appropriate manner. D. Being aware that hand gestures may convey different meanings. E. Speaking in a louder than usual tone of voice. Which of the following is the serous membrane that lines the abdomen and covers the viscera? A. Meninges B. Pericardium C. Perineum Correct: D. Peritoneum E. Pleura If a person becomes infected with hepatitis B through an injury at the place of employment, which of the following insurance plans is most likely to pay for the medical expenses? A. TriCare B. Workers' compensation C. Blue Cross D. Medicare part D E. Medicaid State Jaws vary regarding responsibilities of the physician in reporting conditions. However, all states require the reporting of which of the following? A. Deaths due to violence B. Fetal alcohol syndrome C. Spina bifida D. Metastatic neoplasms E. Congenital metabolic disorders Which of the following is the most appropriate initial action by the medical assistant when answering a telephone call from a patient who is angry about treatment received in the office? A. Ask the physician to speak to the patient. B. Listen as the patient explains the problem. C Put the call on hold to give the patient time to calm down. D. Respond to the patient by using defensive language. E. Immediately transfer the patient's call to the office manager. Which of the following terms means "surgical removal of the uterus"? A. Cholecystectomy B. Nephrectomy C. Splenectomy D. Appendectomy E. Hysterectomy Which of the following substances may result in black stools when taken in therapeutic doses? A. Vitamin c B. Iron C. Vitamin D D. Vitamin 812 E. Calcium Which of the following terms is used to describe a medical assistant who supports standards of ethical care and speaks up for patient rights? A. Defendant B. Arbitrator C. Advocate. D. Plaintiff E. Good Samaritan Which of the following is the correct milliliters of gamma globulin that would be prepared for a 190 pound patient who is to be given 0.02ml of gamma globulin per pound of body weight? A. 9.5ml B. 0.038ml C. 0.38ml D. 3.8ml E. 0.95ml Which of the following is a test that measures the concentration of dissolved substances in urine? A. pH B. Turbidity C. Urobilinogen D. Protein E. Specific gravity A 66-year-old patient was treated in the urgent care center for a fractured wrist. The patient said, "I was moving a cabinet for my boss when it fell over and hit my wrist." The office billed Medicare and received reimbursement of $550. Which of the following would apply in this situation? A. The office must give the $550 check to the patient, who should contact workers' compensation. B. The office was appropriately reimbursed $550 by Medicare for the urgent care visit. C. The office should bill the employer's workers' compensation for only the Medicare coinsurance and deductible due after receiving payment from Medicare. D. The office should have billed the employer's workers' compensation payer for the visit. E. The office is guilty of both fraud and abuse according to HIPAA because of accepting the $550 payment. Which of the following surgical procedures is performed as a method to prevent conception? A. Conization B. Dilatation and curettage C. Episiotomy D. Hysteroscopy E. Tubal ligation A keratoplasty is an operation on which of the following body parts? A. Epidermis B. Patella C. Cornea D. Tympanum E. Hypophysis Which of the following blood tests is performed to monitor a patient's response to Coumadin therapy and to aid in adjusting Coumadin dosage? A. Hemoglobin A1c. B. Complete blood count (CBQ) C. Fasting blood glucose D. C-reactive protein E. International Normalized Ratio (INR) The term "hypophysis" refers to which of the following? A. Thyroid gland B. Pituitary gland C. Medulla oblongata D. Hypothalamus E. Adrenal medulla Of the following, which is required to be included in the heading of a second page of a letter written to another physician about a patient's medical condition? A Patient's account number B. Page number C. Enclosure notation D. Sending physician's name E. Patient's address Which of the following suffixes has the same meaning as " lgia·? A. -physis B. -pathy C. -tropia D. -dynia E. -esis A patient was seen in the office to discuss a newly diagnosed heart condition. Later in the day, the same patient calls the office with additional questions for the physician. Which of the following would be the most appropriate response by the medical assistant? A. Give enough information so that the patient may conduct a web-based search of medical sites on the condition. B. Obtain all necessary information and tell the patient you will inform the physician. C. Schedule an appointment for the patient to come in right away to visit with the physician. D. Transfer the call to the physician immediately. E. Offer to send a copy of all laboratory reports. Which of the following substances would be used for cauterizing small oral lesions? A. Zephiran chloride B. Silver nitrate C. Collodion D. Formalin E. Tincture of benzoin Which gauge needle is most commonly used for a subcutaneous injection? A. 21 B. 20 C. 18 D. 22 E. 25 A woman whose mother recently died of breast cancer is discovered to have a breast tumor and does not return for her follow-up appointment. Which of the following defense mechanisms is most likely contributing to the patient's actions? A. Denial B. Rationalization C. Regression D. Displacement E. Compensation The medical assistant is preparing an 18-year-old male of average size for a scheduled routine physical. Which of the following information should be brought to the attention of the physician? A. Temperature 36.9 c (98.4 F) B. Blood pressure 140/96 mm Hg C. Resting 02 saturation of 98% D. Pulse rate 70/min E. Respirations 18/min Which of the following techniques would be appropriate for a medical assistant when conducting a patient interview with a 9 -year-old cooperative child? A. Finish the child's sentences when needed. B. Allow the child to answer each question in his own words. C. Allow the parent to answer for the child. D. Use some medical terms as appropriate. E. Address all questions to the parent. A medical assistant makes an error while under the physician's direction. Under which of the following doctrines will the court determine that the physician is liable for the medical assistant's negligence? A. Locum tenens Correct: B. Respondeat superior C. Res ipsa loquitur D. Contributory negligence Incorrect: E. Res judicata Which of the following terms and definitions are correctly matched? A. Uremia - red blood cells in the urine B. Cyanosis - increase in the oxygen content of the blood C. Rhinitis - inflammation of the kidney D. Hematuria - urinary constituents in the blood E . Leukocytosis - increase in the number of white blood cells Which of the following is most likely to be included in the subjective portion of a SOAP chart note? A. Pulse 60 bpm B. Normal sinus rhythm C. Diazepam (Valium) 5 mg D. Retinal detachment E. Dizziness for three days Which of the following types of examinations would be used to determine the presence of a breast lump? A. Mensuration B. Auscultation C. Inspection D. Palpation E. Percussion Which of the following instruments is used to ligate a small blood vessel? A. Mosquito hemostat B. Kelly hemostat C. Allis tissue forceps D. Small iris scissors E. Curved scissors Which of the following is the most appropriate initial step when rooming a patient who comes to the office with a recent laceration of the finger that is still bleeding? A. Apply direct pressure to the patient's wound B. Notify the physician to come immediately C. Ask the patient when he received his last tetanus shot D. Apply a tourniquet E. Elevate the patients arm above the head For an examination and inspection of the spine, which of the following positions best describes how the medical assistant will place the patient on the examination table? A Knee-chest B. Trendelenburg C. Lithotomy D. Prone E. Dorsal recumbent Which of the following structure/organs is normally located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen? A Cecum B. Gallbladder C. Appendix D. Spleen E. Descending colon Which of the following examinations is performed to assess knee reflex? A. Auscultation B. Inspection C. Palpation D. Mensuration E. Percussion Termination of the physician-patient relationship can take place appropriately when which of the following actions occur? A The patient's medical record is flagged as inactive. B. At a scheduled appointment, the physician refuses to examine the patient or give further care to the patient due to noncompliance by the patient. C. Further office appointments are denied by the medical assistant. D. The patient sends a letter to the physician refusing any further care and the physician sends a written response accepting, while offering referrals and medical records to the patient. E. The last office note is documented to return for further treatment as needed. When recording an electrocardiogram, the international standardization for amplitude is 1 millivolt (mv) and is equal to how many millimeters (mm}? A. 5 B. 20 C. 10 D. 15 E. 25 Which of the following indicates the appropriate time to send the initial report for a workers' compensation case? A. Upon request of the patient B. At the time the patient is discharged Correct: c. Immediately after the first visit D. Upon request of the insurance carrier E. After establishment of the diagnosis Lisinopril (Zestril) and furosemide (Lasix) are used in the treatment of which of the following conditions? A. Hypertension B. Parkinson's disease C. Tuberculosis D. Epilepsy E. Gout Food is conveyed from the mouth to the esophagus b y which of the following structures? A. Salivary glands B. Pharynx C. Larynx D. Trachea E. Epiglottis Which of the following describes the method that completely destroys microorganisms? A. Sterilization B. Boiling C. Sanitization D. Disinfection E. Fumigation Which of the following findings is most likely in a patient with herpes labialis? A. Acne vulgaris B. Actinic keratosis C. Fever blisters D. Canker lesions E. Decubitus ulcers According to the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDQ), which of the following is the most appropriate agent for disinfecting the counter in the hematology laboratory? A. 0.9% Normal saline B. 70% Alcohol C. Hot, soapy water D. 10% Bleach solution E. Cidex Which of the following instructions is most important for a patient who has just had an arm cast applied? A. Sprinkle powder in the cast if itching is present. B. Clean the cast by washing it gently with soap and water. C. Trim the cast if any sharp edges are present. D. Observe the fingers for changes in color/temperature. E. Rest the arm at waist level. Which of the following best describes subjective information in the medical case history? A. Abnormal results on CT scan report B. Kidney biopsy report C. Patient's family history D. Findings on physical examination E. Laboratory results Which of the following foods should be eliminated from the diet of a patient on a sodium restricted diet? A. Fresh fruits B. Green leafy vegetables C. Baked fish products D. Pasteurized, processed cheese E. Fried chicken Which of the following is performed to obtain fluid from a joint? A. Tympanocentesis B. Pneumonocentesis C. Thoracentesis D. Arthrocentesis E. Paracentesis Which of the following is a measurement of the percentage of erythrocytes in a volume of whole blood? A. Prothrombin time B. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate C. Red blood cell morphology D. Hematocrit E. Hemoglobin determination The process of listening to the sounds produced within the body is known as which of the following? A Mensuration B. Inspection C. Auscultation D. Palpation E. Percussion A patient comes to the family practice physician's office for a routine physical examination. By requesting an examination, the patient has consented to which of the following procedures? A. Taking a biopsy of a localized skin nodule B. Drawing a specimen for blood gasses C. Determining blood pressure in the lower legs by Doppler D. Testing the heart by echocardiogram E. Testing knee jerk reflexes Which of the following is a laboratory test commonly performed on a specimen from a patient taking furosemide (Lasix)? A. Potassium level B. Hemoglobin analysis C. C-Reactive protein D. Thyroid-stimulating hormone assay E. White blood count Which of the following is subjective information on a medical record? A. Palpable liver B. Social history of smoking one pack a day C. Cholesterol level of 155 mg/dl D. Blood pressure of 12on4 mmHg E. Atrial fibrillation Which of the following is the cranial nerve primarily involved in blindness? A. Olfactory B. Optic C. Trochlear D. Oculomotor E. Abducent Which of the following is a physician who specializes in disorders of the eye and performs surgical procedures as necessary? A. Ophthalmologist B. Optician C. Otolaryngologist D. Optometrist E. Osteologist Which of the following is a description of a "tickler" file? A. Physician referral information B. A chronologic reminder system C. A guide for insurance filing D. Color coded filing E. Cross-reference system Of the following groups, which would typically have the highest blood pressure readings? A. 45-year-old male runner B. Obese male teenager C. 6-year-old child D. Elderly obese woman E. 25-year-old office assistant Which of the following best describes a function of the epiglottis? A. Prevents food from entering the larynx during the act of swallowing B. Enhances digestion of solid foods C. Promotes salivary excretion from salivary glands D. Prevents regurgitated foods and liquids from entering the pharynx E. Opens the aperture of the larynx during the act of swallowing Which of the following is the meaning of the prefix "ab"? A. Against B. Within C. Before or forward D. Away from E. Outside Which of the following color-coded evacuated tubes should be used when collecting blood if a serum specimen is required? A Light blue B. Red C. Gray D. Green E. Lavender Which of the following is an electrolyte that has an important influence on t h e muscle activity of the heart? A. Potassium B. Chloride C. Phosphorus D. Amylase E. Acid phosphatase Which of the following is a characteristic being demonstrated by a medical assistant who is able to imagine taking the place of the patient and is therefore better able to understand the patient's behavior? A. Objectivity B. Sympathy C. Empathy D. Integrity E. Patient advocacy A popliteal area keloid describes which of the following conditions? A. Mass on the shoulder B. Wart on the plantar surface of the foot C. Scar tissue on the back of the knee D. Mole on the back of the ankle E. Polyp on the lower back Which of the following describes a billing system where statements are mailed at a certain time during the month based on alphabetic breakdown of accounts receivable? A Collection ratio B. Reconciliation C. Cycle D. Superbill E. Age analysis Which of the following situations requires both action and documentation by the physician? A. The patient telephones to report to the medical assistant that the medication prescribed has been taken and he is feeling much better. B. A referral to a center for visual disturbances is scheduled for the patient. C. The patient telephones to change an appointment for a physical examination from morning to afternoon. D. An appointment for pulmonary function testing is made for a patient at a local hospital. E. The patient telephones asking that a schedule II prescription for pain medication be refilled and the request is granted. [Show More]

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