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NR 512 Week 7 Assignment: HealthIT Topic Powerpoint Presentation-Chamberlain College Of Nursing:ALL ANSWERS CORRECT

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Health IT Topic Telehealth Impact on Healthcare AMIE SEITZ NR512 FUNDAMENTAL OF NURSING INFORMATICS OCTOBER 2017 Introduction  What is telehealth?  What is the role of the Nurse Practiti... oner in telehealth? Why I chose this topic  Telehealth is the future of Nurse Practitioner practice  Increased access to care  Integration of emerging technology to increase patient outcomes Impact on Practice  Cost effective alternative  Make medical services attainable for everyone especially for the ones who live in rural areas where health services are hard to reach.  Provide both the care provider and the patient flexibility.  Gaining real-time information  Increase in education need Pros  Pros  Reduces barriers to access to care  Cost-savings  Improves quality of care  Increases efficiency for providers  Real-time information  Increase education Cons  Cons  Missed social cues  Reimbursement, Cost of telecommunication  Local laws and policies  Patient readiness  Provider understanding Application and Relevance of Informatics to Topic  Information management through the use of communications software, including electronic mail and browsers.  Forms of telecommunications, including videoconferencing, remote data monitoring and file transfer.  Medical documentation.  Diagnostics tools  Expert support systems NI skills utilized  Knowledge acquisition  Use of computers  Database search for literature  Forming a presentation  Use of Microsoft system  Organizational skills Future Recommendations  An increase of the availability of services  Secure access and exchange of data  Reduction in the cost for the technology required  Expert help with technology Conclusion [Show More]

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