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Lab 3: THERMAL FLUID SCIENCE LABORATORY Summary: The purpose of this lab is to familiarize ourselves with the central plant on campus and its many components that help power the campus. This was don... e through a tour through the plant focusing on the boiler and heat exchanger system, refrigeration steam turbine and tunnel, cooling tower and thermal energy, and co-generation facility. Within these components, we discussed the type of fluids that circulated throughout the plant such as high temperature water, cooled water, cooled tower water, refrigerant, etc. Questions: 2. Make a neat, complete schematic(s) of the Central Plant. Clearly identify the types of fluids (HTW, CW, CTW, Refrigerant, etc.). 4. Describe the purpose of the cooling towers. When are they used? How do they work? 8. In TES, why is the return CW at the top? 9. Why are the chilled water pipes in the tunnel of a greater diameter than the hot water pipes? 10. What is the purpose of the manifold? [Show More]

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