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Conflict Resolution Sophia 2 Questions and Answers Complete Solutions

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Rachael, a college sophomore, talked to her roommate, Tanya, about picking a major. "I think I could be a great writer," Rachael said, "but I've always wanted to help my folks in their medical pract... ice. It's hard being the daughter of two doctors and struggling in math and science, but I like helping people, so maybe I should just try to make myself buckle down and become a pre-med major." Tanya replied, "You like arts and languages, Rachael, and you're very good at it. What about being a journalist? You could write and help people." “Yeah, but it would feel so good to work with my folks,” Rachael said. Which of the following terms best describes the factors influencing Rachael to study science?  Emotional bias  Risk aversion  Amygdala hijacking  Salience CONCEPT Non-Rational Factors in Decision Making I need help with this question 2 If an individual feels there is a lack of common interests in a relationship, conflict may occur because of which missing core concern?  Self-Actualization  Appreciation  Autonomy  Affiliation CONCEPT Core Concerns: Affiliation I need help with this question 3 Jeanne was offered a promotion, and had a week to make a decision. She met her good friend, Maria, for dinner the day she got the job offer. As soon as they were seated, Maria exclaimed, "Tell me all about it!" "Well," Jeanne replied, "I've been working really hard, and this is a great opportunity to move up in the company! I really like working for them, and the new position is an extension of what I already love to do. It seems like it would be very fulfilling and exciting, plus it pays more. However, I would need to move across the country if I accepted. The new location is great; I've been to that part of the country before and really loved it, but I don't know anyone there because all of my family and friends are here. Could I really leave everyone I know and start over somewhere else?" Based on Jeanne's statement, which of the below has she evaluated as a risk?  The new job description  Moving to a new part of the country  Leaving behind her friends and family  Getting a raise CONCEPT Gain and Risk I need help with this question 4 Eric was a successful banker who frequently rode his bike to work to avoid having to park in the downtown area where his office was located. He brought his suit to the office in a shoulder bag and changed from his biking clothes before work. One morning, he entered the office and found his boss leading some new interns around. One of the interns looked at Eric and then asked Eric’s boss, “Why do you still use bike messengers when most things can be emailed or faxed?” Eric laughed and explained that he works at the bank but rides his bike to work. [Show More]

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