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Sophia Conflict Milestone 5 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Complete Solutions!!!!

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You passed this Milestone 20 questions were answered correctly. 2 questions were answered incorrectly. 1 In relation to structural conflict, employees may think a conflict is interpersonal but di... scover through a conflict resolution process that __________.  both parties happened to make bad decisions  one or both parties' behavior is constrained by organizational rules  one or both parties just don't like the other  one party just didn't understand why the other was upset CONCEPT Interpersonal vs. Systemic Conflict 2 Long-term conflicts involving strong hostility between parties may require which of the following in an international mediation process?  Treating the interests of parties as having different importance  Eliminating the ground rules-setting stage of the process  Recognizing negative attribution as a cultural worldview/value and a factor in identity  Conducting mediation in a single session CONCEPT Intractable Conflict 3 Joanne's room was a mess; she always left her things lying around. When her mother finally had enough, she scolded Joanne. Joanne's sister heard the yelling and spent the rest of the afternoon in her room to avoid running into her sister or her mom, as she knew from experience that after a fight they stayed edgy and would yell at her for no good reason. This is an example of which of the following?  Intergroup behavior  The ripple effect  A cultural norm  Systemic thinking CONCEPT Issues vs. Patterns 4 Which of the following terms is used to describe the tendency of people to view members of their in-group more positively than nonmembers?  Group cohesiveness  Perception of similarity  Attribution bias  Social Identity Theory CONCEPT Attribution Bias 5 Workplaces can be thought of as cultures because they develop which of the following over time?  All of the answer choices are correct.  Normative beliefs  Normative behaviors  Normative assumptions CONCEPT Workplace Cultures 6 In which of the following ways can the intensity of family relationships influence conflict resolution processes?  Creating a strong impetus for conflict resolution  All of the answer choices are correct.  Affecting parties’ sense of identity  Creating stronger emotional reactions between parties in the process [Show More]

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